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  1. 8587GN

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    I have a shorty console for my 4 speed, 71 Stage1. First off I got the brackets for it from TPP, I assume they are the correct ones. Where do these go[measurements,etc] ? And were they welded in originally ?

    If you want a really nice chrome job, I highly recommend Custom Chrome Plating in Grafton,OH . Heres the piece of my console that I just picked up today

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  2. 1972 Stage 1

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    There was only one bracket used on the A body. Here is a pic of an original floor pan showing the bracket for the rear two holes, and you can see the hole in the floor pan for the front screw.

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  3. 8587GN

    8587GN Well-Known Member

    thanks, that helps
  4. Dano

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    I have a body here that has the factory bracket installed. I'll get some measurements.
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    I appreciate that
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    That would be great -- mine is getting new floorboards so original locations will be gone...
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  7. copperheadgs1

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    There are usually dimples in floor where all accessories would mount.
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