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    Hmm. Never heard of it. New site am guessing. Ebay does have the advantage of an established online presence (1996 I believe) and name recognition.
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    Mercari looks to be set up for clothing toys and household items. Only listings for Buick was found under toys.
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    I did find a automotive section under "other". From what I've found "Listings are free. A flat 10% selling fee is only charged when the sale completes." Sounds better than eBay but not much exposure yet. I guess the big thing is that there's an APP for your phone to make it easier and if no sale than no big deal
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    Same exact thing happened to me.

    My idiot customer decided to change addresses the day after i shipped it. He argued with me saying nobody ships items same day. Well i did. So i called ebay office to head off the idiot. So i talked with ebay representative and i had all proof of shipment and date it shipped. They said your fine, he should've updated his account. I say Thank you and ignore him.

    Then i get letter from ebay telling me item never arrived, so i send all proof of shipment, tracking number, and even inserted pic of receipt. And didn't they side with him. I was pissed so emptied my pay pal account and removed my listings. I had over 2000 positive fedback. Of course they sent me letters telling me that they froze my account until i pay the $320 back. Then they kicked me off.

    Get this..... i decided to google both addresses to see how far he moved to from original address, 2 miles. Sure as **** stinks he picked that up.


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