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    I have put together an email address to have all your kids (that are old enough that is!) email santa I am doing this for the church this year so if you are going to do a letter to santa please do so at I have a letter I have put together with the real meaning of christmas in story form that you can read to your kids even if they think its from santa......I know its early but you never know!! And since I was doing it for everyone at my church I thought I might as well do it here too :TU: :Comp:
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    What a great thing you are doing Mike. I bet alot of kids don't know what Christmas is "really" about. Most kids think of Christmas and presents only, its nice to see someone caring enough to do this. You will be getting an email from my youngest daughter--they always need reminding ! :grin:
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    Dear Santa, please bring me $10k so I can restore and mod up my '71. Also if possible, a radar detector so I don't get busted by the coppers.. :Brow:

    :TU: Cool idea Mike! I'm bettin you get more email then you'd care to think about between now and christmas.

    What is it with retail stores tho.. It's not even halloween yet and everyones stocked up with christmas stuff.?.?:Do No:
  4. Greg Schmelzer

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    I miss the good ole days..

    Kinda makes me wax nostalgic about my daughter and Christmas. She's 15 now and is starting to figure out the Santa Claus thing.:laugh:

    Mike, You are a good man for doing this. Kinda makes me wish I had a child young enough. Maybe I should get a woman and get back to "work"!:TU:


    Im ready to go anytime you want to send a note to "Santa" :TU:
  6. chryco63

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    That's a great service! I've just seen a Wal-Mart Christmas commercial where the child says he know's Santa is real and he really believes in him. I can only hope he's also been told the Great Story, and why we have Christmas. That's the Story I believe!

    Glen Robins


    Well so far so good Only 2 more weeks till christmas!! Keep them coming !!:Comp: :TU:


    Times almost up!! :Comp: :TU:


    OK I am going to do this again this year SO I am putting you all on notice!!!! :TU:
  10. TXGS

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    Thanks Mike!


    Santa is in full swing now!!! Lets get those kids a-writing!!
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    Mike....thanks for the email from Santa.....It arrived just in time. We went to see Santa today and then I saw your email. I read it to them and they were happy. I told my kids that they must have made an impression him. Anyway, thanks for doing this......

    Happy Holiday!!!!


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