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  1. JayZee88

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    My 70 deuce convertible has severe cancer in the frame rails in a few areas. The areas near the firewall are almost rusted through and the frames about to snap in half. I bought a 69 Electra four-door which the frame is not exactly interchangeable with the 70 convertible, but the sections in the convertible that’s bad is good on the 69. My plan is to replace those sections from the 69, but I have never done anything like that before. Any advice you can give a newbie on a frame repair?
  2. racenu

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    My opinion, Find a different frame, don’t mess around trying to surgically cut out and replace rusted sections
  3. 66electrafied

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    I would have to agree with the above opinion, welding frames is tricky at best.
    I'd check and see if there is someone wrecking a convertible, - seems there were a few Electra convertibles being parted out elsewhere on this forum, you'd be best off to check those threads.
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    It can be done. A body off should be pursued. Once merged two G body frames together. Did it while still in New England and didn't know any better. Rear frame rails and bumpers fell down due to road salt by late eighties. Cleaner cars exist elsewhere!
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    I have to agree with others. If you are going to go to all the trouble to swap the frame -- which means new fuel lines, brake lines bushings, suspension, and a million other things... you need to find a good frame that you can just sandblast and paint. The labor and misery of doing all that work and getting something wrong or ending up with a repair that compromises your safety is not logical or economical. The more time I spend fixing my car the more I realize the lowest cost fix is usually the longest and most expensive option... it's never-ending punishment.... You can find a good frame/donor car, you just need to watch all the sites as they do come up.
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