Rotator cuff surgery tomorrow

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by OHC JOE, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Well-Known Member

    Good luck Joe!

    As a Wiley Ole' veteran of Physical Therapy or PAIN AND TORTURE, stick with the plan! I ended up using weight training vs. RC surgery and I am about 90% I have had over 10 reconstructive surgeries on my knees and Achilles, so I didn't want to undergo another one!
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  2. hwprouty

    hwprouty Platinum Level Contributor

    Hey you got it fixed!
    Haven't been on here in awhile, glad you are on the mend! I had mine fixed a year ago on the 23rd of this month and it's took this long to really be back to normal ( not thinking about everything you do with your arm ). I had rotator cuffs fixed, labrum fixed and I had a bicep muscle re-routed and re-attatched.
    I did EXACTLY what PT folks told me to do! It sure was a boring 3 months sitting home!
    Heal quickly there buddy!
  3. OHC JOE


    Dang Harold a year has gone by already.
    I hear you it's a bit boring on the couch
    I've been watching all these car shows that I have saved up but you can only watch some off these knuckle heads for so long.....o_O
    Take care bud
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  4. 2tone-t

    2tone-t 73 Stage 1

    Had mine done in October of last year. I'm nearing the end of therapy finally. The seven weeks in the sling definitely wasn't fun at all. Therapy was a little tough but gotta stick with it. At the point now where I have almost no pain for the whole day. Still goes a little stiff if I don't use it after a while. Otherwise just gotta keep at it.
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  5. red67wildcat

    red67wildcat Well-Known Member

    hey Joe haven't been on in a while glad to see your on the mend
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  6. Waterboy

    Waterboy Well-Known Member

    Dear Joe,
    Oh know, not another Dear Joe letter! First, I want to say, don't ever think I'm comparing my injury to yours. I went to my first PT visit today. 3 weeks after surgery. Sure wasn't what I expected. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I kept thinking about all the stuff I heard on this thread, and stuff I read on my own. "They're going to beat the crap out of you!" For me, NOT. I met the PT at 8 AM. Yes, let's get this over with. I saved a lot of pain pills and stocked up on beer. She asked how I was. I told her flat out, apprehensive. I told her what I had heard. She kinda laughed. "Oh no Sir." "You really ripped everything a part." "You are going to need a lot of time to heal." "That won't happen for a long time." Was that good news, or bad news? No pain today, but tomorrow will surely be another frustrating day!

    The good... I, and the PT, was really amazed at how much movement my arm was capable of. A lot!!! She asked if it hurt, lots of times. I told her, "It felt like a good massage." It hurt so good!!! I had tears in my eyes, happy tears, just feeling, and seeing my arm move forward, outward, and up!!!!! (With her help. My arm does not move.) It has been since Thanksgiving to see and feel that feeling. 60 days now. AWESOME!!! I wish I was allowed to do that again right now! She showed me exercises. 4 of them. Don't laugh! This might be the hardest one. Bend over and rock my arm forward and backwards like a pendulum. It doesn't hurt. I can stand and rotate my shoulder blades. Holy crap, I'm already huffing and puffing! Bend over again. (Seems like a recurring position.) Pendulum my arm left and right. And last, put a pool noodle in the middle, back of a chair, lean against it, and squeeze my shoulder blades together. That one is important. They reattached my shoulder blade muscle. It atrophied a lot in 2 months. The left shoulder blade needs to be strengthened so it will move up and allow circular motion of my arm. Then came the best part. I got these electric things put all over my shoulder and she turned up the voltage until I said stop. I never said stop. She stopped when my muscles started hopping and skipping around. I told her I liked being shocked!

    Sidebar: I told her about teaching middle school Science. We had a chapter on how a magnet passing a coil of wire can create electricity. I'd bring in an old edger engine. We had 125 students, 2 guidance counselors, and 5 teachers holding hands in a big circle. 1 kid held the spark plug wire. I was the last person. I had one hand on the engine and pulled the rope. What a BLAST!!!!!!!!! I'd tell you other stories, but I'd get fired. Wait, I'm retired. Yes!!!

    The bad... 4 to 6 more weeks wearing that hateful arm immobilizer. I HATE that thing!!!! I told her my hand makes a great coffee or beer holder. She said, "NO!" "No weight on anything." What??? So I guess my left arm is really totally useless. Dang!

    Buick related.... I'm walking out of the Orthopedic place. I catch up and pass this old lady right as I'm unlocking the car door. This old lady, (Yes, older than me.), stops to admire my son's car that I borrowed. She said, "This is a Buick, isn't it?" I said, "Yes ma'am." This is a 1983, 84, 85, 86, 87 Buick Regal Limited T Type just like the Johnny Cash song. She laughed and checked the car out on every side. I can only guess she must have owned one of those year Regals.

    Joe, boy do I understand boredom and frustration!!! (Although you are probably stuck inside.) I wore shorts with a zipper today. I thought I was going to be finished the the immobilizer. Wrong! The first time I had to pee I just left the zipper down! Very windy down here in South Florida. I taught my 3 year old grandson how to fly a kite today.

    My sons are coming over tomorrow to help me, they are going to it and I'll watch, get my car ready to drive south to a really big car show down south. GSFred asked me if I was going, and if he could hitch a ride. I texted him back. "Yes, and yes." LMAO!!!!! Fred, if you are reading this you are probably driving me in my car!!!

    All of you guys are AWESOME!!!!! May we all heal quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hwprouty

    hwprouty Platinum Level Contributor

    The ol' pendulum swing!! Yeppers had to do that one as well!!
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  8. OHC JOE


    Yesterday I seen the doctor she asks how are ya.. I reply great and bored..
    She asked if I was able to do some elbow movements I said yep.
    Looks like I'm doing well was told not to move shoulder what so ever.
    Then she asked if I need more pain pills .
    Told her I haven't had one since Sunday.
    I'm not a fan of pills.

    Waterboy you got some great and funny reads that's for sure.

    Friday me n pops is headed to grand national roadster show in Pomona I'll do a thread and snap and post pictures.

    Saturday morning is the car show locally and I plan on going.

    So all in all I'm good can't sleep well that's for sure. Kids are in school and TV has many shows to be watched I'll take a break walk around outside and try not to make my dog to excited to see me because he has the power of a rhino IMG_20160408_142929085.jpg
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  9. crazychevy

    crazychevy Gold Level Contributor

    Get well soon Guys. I go to meet the surgeon on feb 5th. This has been a good read.
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  10. crazychevy

    crazychevy Gold Level Contributor

    How long is the healing process? I have to open My chip truck by the May 24 weekend !
  11. 2tone-t

    2tone-t 73 Stage 1

    Six weeks in a sling. Therapy takes 3-5 months. I started therapy the week after surgery. The sooner you start. The sooner you're out of there.
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  12. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    Sam and Sadie are an elderly married couple and Sam has just had a successful heart bypass surgery. After a few weeks of recovery he is feeling a bit frisky and gives Sadie the nudge towards the bedroom. Sadie says to Sam "I wouldn't do it, what if you should have another heart attack and die?" Sam pleads with Sadie and she finally relents saying "If the doctor gives you a note saying it's okay...." so Sam goes to see the doctor. The doctor writes a note for Sam explaning to Sadie that it is okay to engage in a little conjugal exercise. He shows the note to Sam and aks "Will this do?" to which Sam replies "Yes, but just one thing Doctor, where it says "Dear Sadie" could you write "To whom it may concern?"
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  13. crazychevy

    crazychevy Gold Level Contributor

    If They can get Me in ASAP Then they have 3.5 months and I gotta be back to work . I may need to push it off till oct. Advill and beer! sounds like a fun summer.
  14. Waterboy

    Waterboy Well-Known Member

    Dear Joe,
    Oh crap, here he is again. I have a lot to tell everybody 'cause I'm buzzed. :)> Not pills, boy do I agree with you. First, did I tell you I have BLING!!! I saw the bill today for my HATEFUL arm immobilizer. $500!!!!!!! I told my friends I was going to sell it on Craigslist. They told me if I didn't have insurance it would be worth $39.95 What a rip off!!!!!
    Your dog.... Boy do I know what you mean. Went to a buddies house last night. His dog is awesome, but he likes to jump on you. The dog was very nice to me! Interesting.
    Dang, I have to go away because I, I, I can't type anymore. But, this should be fun........... How about a BUICK challenge? Who ever lifts an unopened beer above their head the soonest. To be fair I will tell you what I can do. LMAO!!!!!! Not much! I'm still laughing! The doc said DO NOT MOVE YOUR SHOULDER!!! I can move my elbow good! Before surgery I could use my bicep to get my fingers high enough to barely pick sleep out of my left eye. Then my arm could put my hand face up. That was cool! I can do that again!!! Whoa, progress. That is what I can do.
    Your turn. Tell me what you think.
    Tomorrow at 8:30 I'm going to have a good looking blonde touching me. Her name is PT.
  15. OHC JOE


    That's some funny stuff waterboy
    Doing well today
    Just sore feels like I got punched by my biggest buddy on my shoulder.
    I think the worst part is sleeping.
    Shoot today I opened the cabinet in the hallway to grab a new deorant and when I opened the door a tissue box fell from the top....well my first reaction was to grab it in mid air....holy moly that was a bad move shoot..
    But all good.
  16. Mart

    Mart '71 350 GS, almost stock

    I feel for you guys.... put this on for just a second to bring back (terrible) memories. Keep using that squeezable
    ball and do the full PT course. 20190124_145357-1.jpg

    Ebay you say huh? :D
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  17. OHC JOE


    I couldn't take it anymore
    So I had to escape with the almighty GS and take it out..
    Well not far to get classic car insurance upgrade crap 15005.jpeg
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  18. Waterboy

    Waterboy Well-Known Member

    Well I gotta say, the blonde this morning might have been nice to look at, but she wasn't nice to be with. I have pain today. She had me do sets of "forced stretches." Forced because my arm won't do that. Like putting your arm flat on a kitchen counter and slowly lowering your body while sliding your arm forward. It "felt so good" till I got home. Joe, tell your biggest buddy to stop punching us in the shoulder!!! I did 2 or 3 sets of different stretches, then back to the wimpy exercises like the pendulum, then an ice pack and electric shocking. I was happy to LEAVE there afterwards.
    Got home and my shoulder was very sore. I was going to take a half of a pain pill. I went inside 2 different times to get a pain pill, but forgot what I was in there for, so I must not have needed it bad enough. So I drank a beer, or 2, or 3.
    I have another "fun" trip scheduled for tomorrow at 9 AM. They want me to go 3 times a week. $20 co-pay each time. That's like $240 a month. I'd rather buy parts for my car! I know, I know.... I've read the threads. Follow their instructions!!! My doctor said, "I did my part. Everything is connected back up. Follow the recipe and you'll be eating cake. Don't follow the recipe and you get no cake."
    On the bright side GSFred is coming over tomorrow when I get home. We're planning a trip down south to a big car show Sunday. Fred is an awesome person!!! I feel blessed to call him my friend!
    Y'all have a good night and heal FAST!!! Now I have to put that hateful sling back on my arm and go to bed.
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  19. Waterboy

    Waterboy Well-Known Member

    Good morning Joe, and other busted up people,
    I went and saw my favorite blonde, (NOT), yesterday morning. When I get there the first thing she does is massage my scar tissue. That's not to bad. This will crack you up... While she was massaging my scar tissue she says, "I was thinking about the beer can challenge you made with your buddy." What??? This nice looking, 30 year old, single blonde was thinking about my "raise a full beer can above your head" challenge to you? Her life must be pretty boring! Anyhow, she said, "That is an unfair challenge." "You will heal faster." I said, "What?" I dislocated my shoulder, tore all my tendons and ligaments loose, and crushed the end of my arm bone. She said, "You had a plate put in which allowed the doctor to fasten everything back up to." "Your friend's injury is much more serious." Sorry about that Joe. So, being the honest guy I am, I will rescind my challenge to you. But I will post a picture when I can do it.
    Then she had me doing more sets of painful stretches. I watch the clock on the wall hoping my hour will go by fast. Finally I get the ice pack and electric massage. YEAH!!! My hour of torture is over!
    I got home and GSFred came over a little while later. My youngest son came over and we all hung out for a few hours. The big car show we were going to go to tomorrow got canceled. It is going to be a rainy weekend for sure. Bummer.
    That's about it for me. I guess I'm going to do some fun painful stretches. Take care....
  20. OHC JOE


    Hahaha John yep when you can raise that beer snap a pic and post it..I'll do the same when the time comes. Have a great weekend.
    Yesterday while walking around the grand national roadster show and guy was walking around with the same sling... As we pass each other up he says . Dam rotator cuff surgery.. we both got a laugh

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