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  1. Bib Overhalls

    Bib Overhalls Well-Known Member

    Dropped my 401 block, heads, and rods off at the machine shop this morning. When the machinest checked the rods he commented on balancing and specifically on removing weight. Unlike, Chevy rods, the Buicks do not have sacrificial pads that can be whittled down to equalize weight. So, where is the weight taken from or do the rods have near uniform weights from the factory?
  2. 8ad-f85

    8ad-f85 Well-Known Member

    Sure they do. Look at the rods a bit closer and think about it.
    I hope they don't charge you for research time.
  3. Bib Overhalls

    Bib Overhalls Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about the "tabs" on the side of the rods just above the big ends?
  4. Lucy Fair

    Lucy Fair Nailheadlova

    Exactly those.
  5. dual-quadism

    dual-quadism Black on Black

    Find another shop, that is a bad sign right off the bat.

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