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    BF2KNIGHT Buickless for now

    I've decided to do a nationwide search in earnest for a 94-96 Roadmaster Wagon. There are a few out there, but my main concern it using it for a tow vehicle for a 3000# pop-up camper. So, I'm looking for some expert advise. I need to know what "code" to look for for the factory towing package. (What is the maximum towing capacity with and without the tow package?) I believe the codes are located in the rear of the car, but I'm not exactly sure where that would be. As you can see my by sig line, I'm heavy into Oldsmobiles right now and want to change that over to heavy on the Buick side :laugh: Don't get me wrong, I love my Olds' and the Bravada is a great truck, but I want a wagon.....can anyone help?
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    I have a 92' RM wagon that I have towed my racecar with. So your camper should be no problem. Get the class 5 (biggest) hitch. You can get one new through JC Whitney.

    Try doing a search at the impala site. Quite a few wagon guys hang out there. Hope this helps. :)

    impala site
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    Here's a more direct link to the wagon portion section of that site;f=20;hardset=;start_point=;DaysPrune=

    The Tailgates open 2 ways....folded down, or swing-out like a door. Of you swing out the gate, on the right hand jam there is whats known as a SPID sticker....alot of 3 digit codes are on them. V92 is the code for tow package, and with it it included

    V08 - Heavy Duty Cooling (mechanical fan)
    Heavy Duty Condenser
    KC4 - Engine Oil Cooler
    KD1 - Transmission Oil Cooler
    KG9 - 140 Amp Alternator
    GW9 - 2.93 gears

    and auto-leveling suspension (rear air shocks)

    Trailer Hitch and wiring WERE NOT included in the package

    G80 - is the code for posi, was NOT included with the tow package, and 94-96 was 2.93 gears. before that I believe it was 3.23's

    Easiest VISUAL clue to a tow-packaged Wagon is a Mechanical fan shroud that sticks UP off the top of the radiator in a semi-circle like this


    BF2KNIGHT Buickless for now

    Thanks for the, let the hunt begin !!
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    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    too bad you're not closer.....My wifes' is for sale. The market has really dropped BIGTIME over the last year for no apparent reason.
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    BF2KNIGHT Buickless for now


    I tend to shy away from listings on E-bay. I've been screwed in the past and have a really bad taste from it. I'd rather find one that I can touch, drive, etc, or find someone on the board that I can trust. However, the search in temporaily on hold due the the death of my 20 year old washer and dryer :rant: ...some of the wagon funds went there. I need to replenish $$ before proceeding....but I'll keep looking.

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