RideZ of the TimeZ: 8/15-8/16 @ Dallas Convention Center

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  1. SuperCPA

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    August 15-16, 2008:

    The Lone Star Performance Buick Club in conjunction with http://www.carsroadshow.com is hosting the RideZ of the TimeZ car show at the Dallas County Convention Center. Vehicle registrations are only $35.00 which also includes two event tickets, an event t-shirt, goody bag and more. For additional details about this event please visit our newly renovated website at http://www.lspbc.org or the link to C.A.R.S. as above.

  2. Regal1

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    Guys if you enter your Buick with the Buick club your registration will only be $15 with unlimited tickets for you and your family and friends.

    If interested please call me at 214 629 7429
  3. Regal1

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    Ok folks here is what I have on this August show.

    Entry fee is $15. If you are already a paid club member this will be paid by
    the club for you. All others will have to pay the $15. Payable by the day of
    the show. We have a unlimited amount of tickets available to us. I do need to get a idea of how many we will need. Each participant will get two off the top.

    Outside Parking & Trailer Parking There is a small lot for trailer
    parking we may also be able to park our daily drivers there as well? Not sure as of right now. Stay tuned

    Vehicle Judging Most of the judging will be on Friday (evening) maybe some
    Thursday if you are set up and ready to go (will probably only be a few)
    Probably 3-4 judges will be needed. I need volunteers please.

    Move In We are going to be limited on move in times due to the Dallas Fire
    Marshall giving us problems.
    This person has a vacation set up and is not willing to work with Jim on the
    move in times.
    Move in times are Thursday from 8am to 10am (no help needed from us)
    Thursday 2pm-8pm Need 2-4 people to help with move in. Friday 7am - 10am (no
    help needed from us) If the Friday hours expand I'll let you know.

    Set Up This will be done on Wednesday night, time to be determined. Need
    2-3 people please.

    As far as fuel in the tank and gas caps that will remain the same as
    Autorama. Must be less than 1/4 tank of fuel and tape off the gas cap.

    Also I need T-shirt sizes for all participants, these will be in your goody
    bag when you check in.

    I need confirmation from each person that will be showing a car. It does
    not have to be a Buick but it is preferred. Com'on guys/gals we have 15 spaces
    saved and only have about 8-9 cars, lets step it up and show the Metroplex
    area what were all about.


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