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    Has anyone bought a reproduction roof panel? Who makes the best one?
    I have recently aquired a 71 350 one owner GS. It had a vinyl top which i just peeled off, because of all the lumps and bumps under it. Cancer, it was very obvious. So far i havnt found any holes but there are some big scabs that may leave a hole when i get them off. I can do body work and weld panels pretty decently, but this roof is pretty bad. Im afraid welding will cause alot of warping that would then be more difficult to get straight again, and level, without TOO much filler. Maybe its worth a try, nothing to lose, then buy a new one if the repair is no good. Anyone know who makes the best roof panel? Ideas? Comments?
    Did the GS's, Skylarks, vinyl roofs always have a stitched seam right down the middle? Its old and seems this is the avenue where water got in under the vinyl. Most i have seen had two sealed seams near the sides, rather than a stitched seam in the middle. Possibly added somewhere in its life?
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    Yea it was one if those cheap padded tops,..certainly not factory.

    Do you plan on putting another vinyl top on it?
    If so you can probably salvage the roof skin, a few pics after you wire brush it really well

    If your deleting the top,..your best option very well may be a skin,..there is only one manufacturer possibly two,...Dynacorn maybe pressing their own I'm not 100% certain the other is AMD but they very well may be the same manufacturer but they fit nice I've put two on chevelles.. same skin btw

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