Repairing flipping chrome mirror

Discussion in 'Small Garage Products and Services' started by STAGE III, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. 2dtrak

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    Pretty much. Some of the earlier mirrors mounting points are really thin. Hard to drill n tap. 71-72 mirrors have a wider stem that is easier to drill. On the smaller stems I typically use a #4 threaded rod with an internal Allen head to alleviate over tightening the threads into the pot metal.
  2. 2dtrak

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    Then use a nut n lock washer to secure You can use an over sized washer to adjust the pressure to add tension to the mirror head On the larger stems I can usually use a #6 or 8 screw It’s a gamble drilling these mirrors. Not much room for error and poor metal quality is a gamble
  3. Brett Slater

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    That's what Fritz says. Your margin for error is very narrow.

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