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    Hi Buick Gang,
    I have a 1972 Skylark Convertible. Interior and top is nice. Engine/trans/rear end are original.
    I spent last year just getting to know the car a little bit and fixing the rusted floor pans.

    For this year I'm thinking about getting the bodywork going. This thing will be needing some metal!
    I do not do body work and not really looking to learn on this one.

    My questions:
    Does anyone know of a shop that deals with this in SE Wisconsin (or Madison area). I'm not looking for a complete frame off restore, I just want to get the rust cut off and replaced.

    Being a convertible, would it be advisable to take the top off before sending it to the shop? It is in really good shape.
    Would a body shop rather have a rolling chassis? I'm thinking of pulling the engine anyway so maybe do it at the same time.
    For those of you that have sent your car to a shop, did you do any of the "rough" work yourself like sanding, removing trim, etc?

    I know most of these questions I can review with the body shop, but just trying to start to play my year while the car is sitting in storage.


  2. gscalifornia

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    You could check with V8board member ToddsGS I think he's north of Madison.

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