Recommendations For Winter Prepping

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Brett Slater, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Am putting our Buick in wintewr storage so though I would read what was posted here.
    I laugh at all the ideas to put things like moth balls and dryer sheets in the car.
    Those are just old wives tales Myths so to speak.

    My story is with a 22 foot camping trailer I bought used. It sets our of doors as I do not have a building big enough for it.

    I put it in winter storage after Michigans firearm deer season December first. Went in it in Febuary to see how things were holding up.
    Mice were in it crap all over the counters and dinning table.
    Tried all the above mentioned stuff and it didn't work none of it.

    What worked was boxes of decon set around in there, boxes got emptyed, but no more mouse signs any longer.

    So when I drive the Buick in for winter storage you can bet I will set many boxes of decon around.
    I live in the country with over grown farm fields and wood lot all around and that is where the mice come from looking for a warm place to make a home. Even though the storage isn't heated it is out of the wind for them.

    The car bag sound nice but I think I will just jack it up and place jack stands and cover with some old sheets. that way I can go out some times and start it and fiddle around cleaning different parts under the hood.

    If we get some warm bright dry winter days I can even take it for a drive.

    :D Al
  3. Electra Bob

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    The problem with poison is you don't know where the critters final resting place will be.

    When they die in the air ducts of your truck and slowly stink it up...

    Cost me several hundred dollars to get it stripped down and cleaned. The dealer had to wash and disinfect everything several times before it was acceptable.

    I sold the truck.

    Still running strobes in the garage with glue traps at entry points and so far no mice.

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  4. Luxus

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    This may be a dumb question. Would it be bad to dump the oil and leave it empty for the season? Would the oil pump lose its prime?
  5. 1972Mach1

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    A) Why would you want to?
    B) I'd be afraid I'd forget and fire the car up in Spring with no lubrication in it.
  6. Luxus

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    It's a bit leaky and I'm tired of cleaning up the floor. I have it on a lift if you're wondering how I'm cleaning the floor with the car parked for the season.

    As far as forgetting goes I would tape a reminder to the windshield for myself.
  7. alleyyooper

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    Just go get some applince boxes take them apart and lay on the floor. that coragated card board asorbs oil that leaks.

    If it leaks that bad I would look into fixing it while on the hoist in storage.

    :D Al
  8. Luxus

    Luxus Gold Level Contributor

    It's on my list, along with a 100 other things.

    Right now I'm rebuilding the trans. But the engine will be next I think.
  9. wildcat4

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    Has anyone had mice get through steel wool ?
    I have recently started stuffing that in the tailpipes because I heard they don’t try chewing through it.
  10. The Big Guy

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    Some will disagree, but this is the procedure I use. I've used it for many, many years with good results.

    Fill the car with fuel and add fuel stabilizer. Let it run for half an hour after the stabilizer is added.
    Air the tires up to 40 PSI.
    Clean the car and cover with car cover.

    I don't have a problem with mice, but I have several of those ultrasonic pest control devices in my garage just as peace of mind. I don't know if they work or not, but the bottom line is that I don't have a problem with mice.

    I have a battery tender that I rotate among the cars throughout the winter to keep the batteries charged. I see no need to have one per car.

    Our winter here typically lasts from early December to sometime in March. Usually in February, I'll start the cars and let them run for half an hour. If the roads are clear, I'll drive them around the block. If not, I'll at least move them a bit to rotate the tires to a different position to avoid flat spotting.

    In March, it's time for an oil and filter change.

    It's simple, but it's worked for me for a long time.
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  11. sean Buick 76

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    I find that it is best to leave the vehicle for months without starting it vs starting it up but not letting the oil get to full operating temp. Idling the engine for 10 minutes will not get the oil up to full temp to burn off moisture. What i do is fill the fuel tank to the top, fuel stabilizer in the fuel, and remove the battery and keep it in the house. I will leave it from fall till spring without starting it and then toss the battery in it, warn it up and then do an oil change.

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