Radiator for 1970 GS Stage 1 4 speed

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    Jim, I thought there was an SS radiator as well. Is that the mid (early) year change 455/manual trans. with A/C or Stage 1 (i.e. w/o the trans cooler)? It should show up in an early assy. manual drawing. The two drawings I have are 2/3/70 (attached) and 4/24/70 & both charts are the same.

    From this chart, it appears that all GSX's, except in the case of a non-A/C Stage 1, got an upgraded radiator with the A/C cars getting the HD Cooling "SW" and the non-A/C standard 455 GSX's getting the same "SJ" that the GS 455 A/C (or all Stage 1?) cars got. Interestingly, Heavy-Duty Cooling (I7) was available on any A-Body and got an "SW" but was not an available option on a GSX so apparently there was no way to get the I7's H/D cooling "SW" radiator on a non-A/C GSX.

    Also interesting that while the chart does not specifically call out the Stage 1 option, Stage 1's did get an upgraded radiator. Did a non-GSX Stage 1 with A/C come with an "SJ" or did it get the upgraded "SW"? I know that the later non-A/C Stage 1's got the "SJ." I always thought A/C & Stage 1 cars got the full I7 HD Cooling package, but apparently in reality, they only got an upgraded radiator along with all of the other HD cooling components (Fan Clutch, 65A alternator, and fuel return line on 350's).

    Being that at least according to this chart, that is the case and if the "SS" is as described above, was there also an early '70 radiator for manual transmission cars (no cooler) with HD Cooling (or Manual/Stage 1 with A/C?) or did those get an "SW" (with the plugs left in) from the beginning of the model year? If so, that would be the rarest of the rare. Only an early original manual trans/I7 car or early drawing would be able to prove one way or the other.

    I know there are several threads on here about all this, so maybe this is all redundant - Maybe we need the definitive radiator thread as a sticky. It'd be interesting if anyone has any earlier drawing revisions.

    Radiator Assembly Chart Rev 2-3-70.jpg
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    James, had I gone back & read your post after diving into this, I'd have seen you answered one of my questions.

    Do you know if there was an early version of that rad. w/o a cooler for manual transmission cars (I.e. Was there only 1 or were there 2 early rads w/o coolers that were discontinued)?

    On the chart I posted, it appears the "SF" might not have a cooler as it's only listed for manual transmission, non A/C cars.

    Is there a listing somewhere of what tanks were used to make up what radiotors?
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    Here's the pics of my SJ radiator for my 70 GSX Stage 1 Auto Non AC . Its listed on the build sheet as a SJ . It just cost me $360 for a recore

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    It's hard to argue with the build sheet, thanks for the verification, I also saw a build sheet from a 70 GSX non stage 1 auto non AC with heavy duty cooling option had a SJ radiator on the build sheet remember nothing was set in stone back in the day.
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    I don't think there was an earlier version of the SW radiator. My car was built early (September 69), and it was equipped with the SW with the trans cooler in it. See the build sheet below.

    I've never seen the tag for a SF radiator, but I did purchase a radiator from another board member years ago without a trans cooler, and it had CD / IA tanks so I'm assuming it was the SF radiator.

    I don't know of any listing that would outline which tanks were used in which radiators. I'm guessing that would have to come from Harrison, not GM. POBF build sheet.JPG
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    That's a great price! And worth every penny.
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    1970 Non Air,4 speed tanks,complete with factory plugs.
    7B428910-03CE-4AEA-A915-1C031C8128EB.jpeg 5DCF39D6-249B-4B81-81CB-790C8E30BB5B.jpeg
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    Does the 30 on the tag designate the 30th week of production?
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    View attachment 405108

    Interesting on this chart is the part number 3020113(V03) is recommended for on all models. V03 is the GM RPO code for "Cooling System, Extra Capacity".
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    Which I presume means the larger XS tank for the passenger side as was standard for GS 455 AC cars.

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