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    Ive seen more than one individual that stores their stash in a/several school bus(es). Cheap weather tight storage. And if you pull it off the chassis and set the body on the ground the back door is easy access. Pull the seats and install some shelves and you have a little warehouse.
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    The new rage here is shipping containers. For around $2000 they will sell, transport and set up one for you. Not the most aesthetically pleasing but they are pretty much weatherproof sealed storage.
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    Some updates on our sorting through all of these early Quadrajets. We still have about a thousand left to go through. Slow process to catalogue and store each one. There are so many rare Chevrolet high performance units, Pontiac Ram Air, Olds, Ford Cobra Jet and more. It is amazing sorting through these. Here are a few of the Buick Quadrajets we have found that are a bit special.
    7028243. 68 400 4 speed
    7028245 68 350 4 speed
    7029245 69 350 4 speed
    7040245 70 350 4 speed
    7041242 71 Stage 1
    7041243 71 455 4 speed
    7041245 71 350 4 speed

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    Thanks for the update!
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    What was the name of the guy / business? I might have done business with him 15 years back but have CRS. (PM me if you are uncomfortable divulging said info on a public forum.)
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    This is turning out to be an amazing haul!!
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