Prayers for our Dad

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by Greg Schmelzer, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Greg Schmelzer

    Greg Schmelzer What are you looking at?!

    We just got word yesterday after Dad's follow up visit with the doctor that his kidneys are only functioning at 13% of normal. He is going to be put on dialysis and is to be put on the transplant list for new kidneys.

    Please pray that a match can be found for him and that he will not reject the new kidneys after the transplant.

    Also pray for my Mom to keep her strength up. She is a strong woman, but in the last 4 years, he has had a bout with encephalitis that almost killed him and left him not quite Dad. A heart attack last year followed by quadruple bypass. Ever progressing diabetes. High blood pressure. I don't know how she has held up so well this far. All this prompted them to sell the homestead that they have lived in for over 30 years that Dad built himself and all three of us grew up in.

    Thank you all very much.
  2. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    Silver Bullet is on the top of the prayer list over here.
    We'll keep Mom up there too.
    Beth's dad has been on dialisis for a couple years now.
    So we know how tough it can be on a person.
    Keep thinking positive thought's and we'l keep our fingers crossed for a donor for your Dad.

    D & B
  3. frtlnrbuick

    frtlnrbuick Midwest Mafia

    Mile high prayers


    I don't know how much it will help, but, we will be praying from a little higher altitude than you.

    May only the best come out of this!

  4. Stage1 Jeff

    Stage1 Jeff Guest

    Greg, i will keep you and your family in my prayers
    i hope your dad will find a match, and he will get well very soon!!
  5. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

    Prayer on the way. God bless.
  6. GS-XNR

    GS-XNR Well-Known Member

    You've really had your share in the last 18 months. Our thoughts are with you once again. You made it through the last one and you will this one also.
    All our best
    Harvey & Brenda
  7. buickdav

    buickdav Kris' other half.

    Just like everyone else man, prayers from out west here too. Please remember that there is a "plan" for all of us. And only one knows that plan !! You keep everyone as strong as possible out there buddy..............

    LAKOTA Sungakan yankahaypi mita

    I will be praying for your dad/family.

  9. RobertSchmelzer

    RobertSchmelzer The Glassman Cometh

    Hey a big "Thanks" to all of you from me too. He's an awnry tough nut but I know he's getting tired of all this. And I know it wears on Mom too. Pray for strength for both of them and encouragement for Dad that he can make it through all this. Thanks a bunch all of you.
  10. GS Shari

    GS Shari Guest

    More from Chicago....

    Prayers are coming from Loyd and I, for both your dad and mom.

    And for you guys, too - you need the strength, too.

    Keep the faith!

  11. Eric Schmelzer

    Eric Schmelzer Well-Known Member

    Now that I've regained my composure, :ball: :ball: I want to send out my heart felt thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes our way.
  12. Mentalkase

    Mentalkase Desert Coonass

    Eric, Robert, Greg,

    Prayers from Southwest Mississippi.

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