Prayer's for Hemker family

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by UNDERDOG350, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. UNDERDOG350

    UNDERDOG350 350 Buick purestock racer

    Long time Buick racer Dave Hemker's father passed away suddenly on Wednesday.
    The showing will be Sunday at Misiuk Funeral Home in Cheasaning MI from 2 until 8. The address is 202 South Front Street.
    The funeral is Monday, 11:00 at Saint Marys in Saint Charles, MI.

    Everyone who knows Dave, knows what a great guy he is and that says a lot about his dad and entire family.

    Thoughts and prayers to Dave and his family.

    Daves computer is not working at this time so he may not be able to respond to any e-mails for a while.
  2. GS Shari

    GS Shari Guest

    Prayers from Loyd and I. We were so sorry to hear the news. We will keep them in our thoughts, too.
  3. greatscat

    greatscat Well-Known Member

    Our deepest sympathies Dave.
    gary and sandy
  4. philip roitman

    philip roitman Well-Known Member

    Our prayers are with Dave and his family. R.I.P
  5. defan238

    defan238 Well-Known Member

    Dave and family
    I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers will be with you and your family.
  6. The Old Guy

    The Old Guy Joe Taubitz

    I am sorry to hear that you lost your father. Knowing how close you are with your children, I am sure you were also close to your Dad.
    My condolences
    Joe Taubitz
  7. jim

    jim Well-Known Member

    Dave I am sorry to hear about your Dad
  8. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    Deepest condolences to Dave and his family.
  9. docgsx

    docgsx It's not a GTX

    Dave and Family,

    Our deepest sympathy for you and your family at this time. God Bless.
  10. David Hemker

    David Hemker Well-Known Member

    Thank you VERY much everyone. We really do appreciate everything. A special thanks to those of you who attempted to or actually did brave the snow storm to visit the funeral home or attend the funeral.

    Dad's death was very sudden and unexpected. He was very active up to the day he died. He was born, raised and lived on the family farm, farmed untill 1993, was in the garden every year, mowed the lawn and would even plow the snow. We spent a lot of time on Lake Huron fishing during the summer weekends. Even this past summer he would get up at 6 am to go out with us every weekend on saturday and sunday mornings. He (Melvin Hemker) loved his sunflowers and is in the Guininess Book of World Records for the most sunflower heads (837) on 1 plant

    This past wednesday he got out of bed in the early morning before the rooster would even think about crowing (4:30 am), on the way back he fell hitting his head, this caused a blood vessel in his head to burst and leak blood around his brain which ended up putting him in a comatose state before the ambulance arrived. The doctors operated stopping the bleeding and removed the blood from around his brain but it was too late.

    At the tender young age of 89 he started his new adventure with god. He lived a full life & got his wish of a quick & painless death. Shortly before he went into the coma he told mom and I that he had a little bit of a headache.

    Once again thank you everyone.
    Dave & Family
  11. chryco63

    chryco63 14's or bust!

    Dave, it's great to hear that your Dad lived a full life. God bless you folks, and you are in my prayers.

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