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Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by faster, May 30, 2018.

  1. sriley531

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    Sorry to hear of Meagan's ongoing issues. My wife gets occasional migraines, they'll put you down for the count for sure.

    She also had to have a spinal tap done a few years ago. The procedure itself went ok, but the "blood patch" used to plug the hole failed and caused seepage of the fluid in her spine. That was fun....

    Here's hoping for Meagan's issues to be rectified.
  2. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    I pray that Meagan gets the proper diagnosis and care.
  3. Short_Crank

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    Prayers sent.
  4. britt'sStage 1

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    I also offer my prayers for your daughter, Jesus' name,Amen. Mr.Jay B.Britt,Jr.
  5. 70skylark350

    70skylark350 Well-Known Member

    read about CBD oil. and God Bless.
  6. 1970 STAGE 1

    1970 STAGE 1 Well-Known Member

    Our son went on a medical mission trip . He contracted meningitis . Someone who should not have been a doctor did a spinal tap and your article was exactly what happened to him. He was laying flat in a darkened room for a week. Another hospital had to do a blood injection to stop the spinal fluid leakage. It was a long week. But as a result of his problems with this issue he decided he wanted to be a doctor. He is now a surgeon and is doing very well , he also suffers from migraines . We will pray for Meagan , Ask her to be aware of any food that might trigger the migraines also.
  7. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    Yes, have her start writing a food journal everyday. That way when she has one she can look back at the journal to see what she ate that day to try to zero in on what food might be causing them.

    It could even be a preservative in or an artificial flavoring or even a coloring that they put in food? So she'll have to read he ingredients of what she eats as well if it is caused by a food allergy.

    Also, the day she has one can be caused by something she ate the day before if its a chemical additive it can take some time to process through the body before it effects her?

    Probably the best way at first for her using a food journal is for her to eat organic pesticide free non-GMO foods to rule out the chemicals in the regular garbage they sell as food. Then perhaps introduce one of the regular type foods at a time if organic foods without additives are ruled out.

    Good luck and my prayers out to your daughter Meagan.
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  8. faster

    faster Well-Known Member

    Thank you both. Yes she has started a journal and has a list of triggers going. One was coffee which she loves. That was a bummer as her and frequently made an Espresso.

    They gave her caffiene pills for the spinal tap pain which alleviate the pain but don't trigger a migraine. Weird

    Anyway she was discharged from the hospital last night. They gave her a migraine concoction and caffiene pills along with a patch. She is now the most pain free I've seen her in months. Thank you Jesus.

    Again thank you guys for your concern and prayers.

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  9. faster

    faster Well-Known Member

    Well the hospital giave her a migraine cocktail of toradol and compazine and benadryl which fixes her migraine quickly. But a caffiene drip quickly negated the spinal tap membrane pain. After a couple of rounds of that she walked out pain free and is still pain free; thank you Lord.

    Weird how a caffiene additive doesn't trigger a migraine but coffee does.
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  10. Weisguy184

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    Mike, I have suffered from migraines my whole life. A migraine specialist that I saw suggested that they usually have a trigger. The triggers for me are excessive sunlight and caffeine. I cut caffeine out of my diet and always wear sunglasses and that has reduced the frequency and intensity of my migraines dramatically. He told me that caffeine is a common trigger lack of sleep is another. I also see a good chiropractor. Take a good hard look at what she is doing or eating before she gets the migraines and look for a pattern. Our prayers are with you daughter.
  11. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    That is such good news... Wishing Meagan continued success for the long term.
  12. Prairie Piston

    Prairie Piston Well-Known Member

    My wife used the get migraines monthly.... until she became pregnant. Not a one since been twenty years. They were terrible. I used to comment that she looked like death warmed over. Pregnancy must have changed her hormones. Now she gets headaches but nowhere near how bad her migraines were. The ones she has now are tension headaches that neck (base of skull) massages, scalp, ear eyebrow and cheek massages help alleviate. Catch it early to reduce severity.

    My mother in law still gets them as often as once a week and they would last 2-3 days. That’s no life but she felt it was a cross that she was given to bare. Recently her doctor suggested a quarter to half a cup of coffee would help. That is seeming to help her at least in how often they are occurring.

    My prayers for your daughter

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