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    1972 GS power window relay location? Is it supposed to be above the left kick panel? Either I don't know what I'm looking at, or it's not there. Neither would surprise me. This cars previous owner seems to be some sort of car stereo expert. I removed all of his handy work. It was also in the beginning stages of being parted out.

    I have a 1971 Chassis service manual, the only power window wiring diagram I can find is for the 45-46-48-49000 series. Is the 43-44000 series the same?

    Basically I'm not getting any power to the switch. If I put a jumper wire to feed the switch, both door windows work as they should. Neither back window works. We'll tackle the rear windows later.

    I am getting power through the fuse panel through the orange and black wire at the big three spade connector.

    I do have good continuity between the black connector and the window switch, through the door.
    I tested the window switch and everything appears to be working there.
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    Thanks Dave.

    I located the relay INSIDE the kick panel. Not above like the manual reads.
    Unplugged the orange/black red/white and pink wire connector from it and tested wires for continuity and power. All were good.
    Took the relay out and bench tested it, and it too was good.
    Cleaned the crud from the backside of the relay and the door pillar and re-installed. Front windows are operational.

    I'll bump this thread when I decide to tackle the rear windows.

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