Power Timing your Buick V8

Discussion in 'Buick FAQ' started by LARRY70GS, Jan 2, 2005.

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    I have a question.....

    I have never messed with the timing on my 72 riv 455 other then to check it. Stock motor, original distributor with a acell points eliminator.

    I was reading this thread so I started playing with the timing. Checked all the parts and both vacuum and mechanical advance were working properly. Fresh tuneup and carb is set well. Car ran very nice but I felt it was underpowered.

    Timing Was set a 4 degrees (factory for 72), bumped it to about 10. Immediately improved power.......so I ordered the crane kit as listed in the thread.

    Installed new springs (1 blue 1 yellow) per cranes paperwork that’s all in at 2600. Once again immediate power increase with a much stronger mid range.

    I’m pissed I didn’t do this along time ago!

    Car is no drag racer, I’m sure the rear end is a 2 something ratio and of course it’s a riviera so it’s heavy as heck

    So after all that......Should I go lower on the springs (silver silver all in at 2200) or would I be getting into idle timing?

    Would a stock 72 455 even benefit from a change at this point?
  2. johnriv67

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    For a heavy car like that, 2600 rpm is just where you want to be. Definitely wouldn't go any lower.
  3. LARRY70GS

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    Stock distributor for the 1972 Buick 455 was the 1112110. Look at the specs, Total amount of mechanical advance is 14-18*. So at 4* initial timing, the most timing you could have would be 18-22*, far short of the 32* that makes best power. I would set your total timing without vacuum advance to 32*. Then see what your initial timing is. I'd leave it in at 2600, you don't want any mechanical advance in at idle.

  4. JDempy

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    Thanks for the info and the quick responses.

    I’m going to use my dial back light to get it to your recommend 32 tomorrow.
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