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  1. Rich Skylark

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    I’m not sure this is the correct forum for pot metal discussion so if it has to be moved no biggie. My 68 custom convertible just received a few mechanical & cosmetic upgrades over the last yr , one being a new set of chromed bumpers. As is most 68 Skylarks( me owning 3 prior to this one) the nose takes a beating due to its pointed shape. As stated my bumper has been taken care of , but my grille surround is turning into a challenge. It is very lightly tweaked at the front that will require “ light” straightening “ and re chroming Being potmetal and I know difficult to come by, what is a ballpark reasonable price for strAightening/ rechrome ? I’ve gotte prices of $500 to rechrome+ $ 150-$200 to straighten. Anyone else think this is a tad high and have dealt with a company a little more “grounded”
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    These guys do good work and are reasonably priced. I have used them for pot metal replating of my tail light bezels and trunk trim. They repaired the pitting as necessary as well. That price that you quote seems a bit high to me.
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    I think I paid about 200 for the tail light bezels and about 350 for the trunk trim.
  3. Rich Skylark

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    Thanks I’ll contact them.Amazingly no pitting just delaminating & that little tweek

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    cool man. they will be honest with you up front about the price and what it will take to restore. i am happy to use them from now on for any work like this.

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