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  1. funkyriv

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    Comp Cams sent me this information after inquiry for high performance 425NH cam with good low end torque and high end power. I told them engine idle should be good enough to run vacuum brakes, trans, etc.

    GRIND#: 5441/5230 H 110+4 (110 degree LSA with 4 degrees advance ground into the camshaft)

    LOBE LIFT: .299
    DURATION AT 50: 212.00

    LOBE LIFT: .304
    DURATION AT 50: 218.00
  2. Opelsauce

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    Back "in the day", I purchased and had installed @ Reynold's Buick a Sig Erson 500H in my 1966 Skylark GS. They told me it was the cam that Pop Kennedy had in his '65. When firing it up, it was obvious that the valves were hitting the pistons. Since I was told that it would work without modification, they offered to advance (or retard...I don't remember which) the cam at no charge. Good thing, since I didn't have any money for notching pistons. I was able to find some specs thanks to Google.
    INTAKE LIFT 500"
    INT ADV. DUR. 306
    EX ADV. DUR. 306

  3. wkillgs

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    Can this be made a sticky?

    Here's a better copy of the stock specs from an old GSXtra article:

    Buick used a lifter rise figure around 0.002" to derive these duration specs.
    So their duration figures are only good for comparison between these stock cams!

    A stock '66 401 cam I measured has these specs:
    Intake: 0.488" lift / 209 degrees duration @ 0.050"
    Exhaust: 0.425" lift / 208 degrees duration @ 0.050"y???
  4. wkillgs

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    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Here are the spec's from one of 2 cams we are using in our car.
    Remember the numbers may seem strange as it is does not run on gas.

    intake valve lift (1.6 rocker ratio) .555 Duration 296
    Exhaust valve lift (1.6 rocker ratio) .560 Duration 302
    Lobe separation 110

    With Tom's rockers lift @ valve In. .728 ex. .735
    Looking for some new springs to max out the numbers.
    We will be running LS1 springs for now @ about .650 lift.

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    Good afternoon.

    I know this is an old post.

    Did you ever use the 322 "export" cam and if you did it give you much of an improvement?

    What is the hp increase with the "export" cam?

    Do you have any info on the 1957 to 1958 export cam for the 364 motor?

    What other "export" parts do you have?


  7. snake

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    425 NH cam , Isky lobe cent 114. Rocker 1.6 int 270 ex 270 cam lift int .293 and ex , valve lift .469 overlap 42 * , adv@ .050 214, I will be running a single 4 barrel q-jet 7042240 800 cfm , ported q- ijet intake manifold by me and port matched, stock ex manis ported by me , and I am attempting to port the heads , port match and bowl work blending, all dressed up with star wars air cleaner , fenton valve covers, obrian breathers, eelco plug covers, Mooneyes valley, all painted buick red and a torque converter from a st 300.
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    snake I forgot you were the last one to post on this thread..Well it looks like you was able to do everything. Nothing like a plan coming together:beers2:
  9. 66gsconv

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    Went back and looked at the intake opening specs. Some of the cams must of been measured defferantly. Looking at some of these specs and a few cam cards I have I am confused:Do No:...I see one opens at around 0 and some open at 30 or 40. Any answers?
  10. gsgtx

    gsgtx Silver Level contributor

    its all were you measure it @.050 or @ .006 advertised or @ .002 thats how buick did it in the old days. will all give different openings degrees,thats why you have to compare at the same measurement.

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