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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by cobravii, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. telriv

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    Also, forgot to mention, the specs supplied to me were for PRESS FIT PINS.

    Tom T.
  2. 8ad-f85

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    You don't press the pins for install, that wrecks things. Rods are heated for pin fit.
    Agree on the rest though.
    One rod had a problem, not the piston or pin fault until proven otherwise.
  3. gsgtx

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    yes mistype thanks.
  4. cobravii

    cobravii Well-Known Member

    Tom: I don't think this is your issue. nothing to worry about.

    GSGTX: The are going full floating and putting bushings (or have put by now) in the rods to allow this.
  5. cobravii

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    Ok, so this is far overdue but here is my update. I took the engine back to the machine shop. They tanked the block again, sleeved the affected cylinder, replaced all the cam bearings, replaced all the main and rod bearings, made all the pistons full floating with the clips supplied, reassembled the short block, degreed the cam and supplied break in oil and high zinc synthetic oil along with another set of gaskets. I assembled the rest of the engine and installed it. It now runs awesome! finally after all this time..... no knocks!!!
    Thanks Tom Telesco for all your help and concern.

  6. 8ad-f85

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    Did they let you know what was wrong the first time? (other than suspecting the pin was somehow too small?)
    Reason I ask is that you can feel when a pin bore is already out of spec when heat fitting them.
    Sorry that they missed something, glad to see it running again.

    There would be almost no earthly reason to assign Tom's piston any fault or blame for how the failure was described. That is solely and 100% an inspection, blueprinting and assembly error by the machine shop or whoever assembled it.
    It sounds like they didn't inspect the rods they used or recon'd.
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  7. telriv

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    That's GOOD NEWS Larry. Takes A LOT off my mind knowing that the problem WAS NOT MY PISTONS.

    Thanks for the follow-up!!!!!

    Tom T.
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