parting out 4 67 Skylark,Special and a convert

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by cole, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. 67GSFun

    67GSFun Johnny

  2. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    Jey Bill
    Shipping would be $8..............Cole
  3. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    Here we go Bob. We got black,shiney Black and old chrome ones.The chrome ones came off a 67 GTO that was chromed right out as a show car in the mid 1980's!!
  4. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    No luck on wheel wells.Nearly all the sheet metal on these cars is either rusty or rusty and full of filler
  5. how much for your nicest non chrome ones shipped to 97325?
  6. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    Here are some head light rings and adjusters
  7. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    Hi Friday
    Here is the front and rear window trim.It is in really nice shape,not brittle or scared up...........Cole
  8. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    Hi Nick
    The windlace measures 75".The way it was on the car it reached the kick panel up front and just into the rear sail panel
  9. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    With shipping($27) would be $47
  10. Friday

    Friday Active Member

    COLE Sold on trim . Will you take postal money ordr. IF so how much for parts shipped to 19426 ?? thanks FRIDAY
  11. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    Bob they would be $47 including shipping............Cole
  12. Cole
    I will take them. pm me your preffered method of payment
  13. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    PM,d you Bob
  14. Cole, I will paypal you tonight. Bob
  15. Topless64-455

    Topless64-455 Well-Known Member


    I havent heard back about the metal trim bar and plastic insert on the back of the convertible seat.

  16. Topless64-455

    Topless64-455 Well-Known Member

    Crap I didnt see this I will take it
  17. vonwolf

    vonwolf Silver Level contributor

    I wish I was closer to you I need all kinds of body parts but I'd like to start with a Trunk Lid if its even possable to ship to SW Florida Zip 33012.
    Thanks Pete
  18. 66GSconv.

    66GSconv. Well-Known Member

    cole, I have a 66 conv. I need the crome around the windshield and the A-pillers covers from the conv.Does anyone know if those fit a 66 conv. ?
  19. cole

    cole Gold Level Contributor

    Hi Gregory
    Sorry all the convert windshield trim is gone............Cole
  20. dpcp66

    dpcp66 Well-Known Member

    this might sound funny but I need the back seat out of the convertable. would you ship it? I dont care what condition its in just need a good frame to rebuild

    Thanks Doug

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