Parting 1995 Caprice 9C1, Parts Fit 91-96 Impala SS, Roadmaster, Fleetwood Brougham, Custom Cruiser

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    Parting out a 1995 Caprice 9C1 all body and most interior parts are common with 94-96 Impala SS. Body parts are all identical to 91-96 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon from front bumper to back doors including headlights and turn signals. Several interior and body parts are common with Roadmaster Sedan and Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Doors will come with window glass and power regulators. Drivers door panel and armrest are nearly perfect which is rare. All 9C1 police car only items are here and available including front air dam and headlight/trunk release dash switch pod.

    Large parts and body parts are local pickup only as I have no means to ship them. Smaller items I will gladly ship to you on your dime. As of now everything is available except for engine, transmission, ECM and harness, rear axle, and front spindles. If I don't find a suitable body to put the engine ect into soon they will be available in a couple of months. Seeing as this is a 25 year old car I really haven't driven I can't guarantee any electrical components however I will give as honest a description of each item as possible.

    Car is located in Farmingville, NY 11738.
    If you have anyone nearby that you want to get parts for you I'll be happy to work with them. Prices will be per item but I will also be happy to price entire assemblies ie the entire front clip. Prices will be established as I disassemble the car and get a good look at everything. Rear quarters are badly rusted from an unadjusted and open at the back trunk lid and the car sitting outside not moved for 3 years. The rest of the body parts seem fine as it was garaged until 3 years ago.

    PM me here with wants and needs. Thanks.
    20200102_131121.jpg 20200102_131134.jpg 20200102_131147.jpg 20200102_131159.jpg 20200102_131214.jpg 20200102_131258.jpg
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    More pics.

    The car has tilt and power driver seat unusual options for a 9C1. Interior is in exceptional condition with no rips burns or stains. Even the carpeting is in good shape. This was a fire chiefs car and was still in service until 3 years ago. It only has 103,000 miles on it which is extremely low for a car that was in municipal service for 22 years. The car averaged only 4,682 miles a year and was stored in the firehouse when not in use. Sorry about the crappy pics it's the slanted winter sun. The interior isn't as washed out as it looks in the pics. The dashpad is good with one 2" crack running from the airbag to the defogger vent. Check the pic up close.

    20200102_131424.jpg 20200102_131436.jpg 20200102_131909.jpg 20200102_131411.jpg 20200102_131402.jpg 20200102_131225.jpg 20200111_173106.jpg
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    Got headliner and sun visor pics today.

    20200113_123141.jpg 20200113_123232.jpg
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    A better look at the passenger side. Yes that's duct tape holding on the trim. Guy I bought it from was a useless clown. 20200114_165411.jpg
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    PM sent ( I think)
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