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Discussion in 'Buick FAQ' started by Stage1 Jeff, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. Stage1 Jeff

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    since my 75 le sabre is a 46k mile original car, i have this question:
    i am gonna be replacing the dist cap & rotor,plug wires, etc. if i enter in an "unrestored class" would points get deducted for replacement parts like these?? the parts will be replacements from napa,etc. any idea who would make repro plug wires for my car??
  2. YellowLark

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    You may also wish to post this question over at www.buickclub.com, since the folks who created and judge the Buick "unrestored" classification are BCA members.
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  4. Brad Conley

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    Hot Rod,

    I just did to my 75 Skyhawk what you are about to do; plugs, cap rotor and wires. My car had the original wires, cap and rotor on it at 91,000 miles :shock: and didn't run too bad, all things considered.

    Here's what I did. I bought a new black cap (GP Sorenson was the name brand), AC Delco wires and the GP Sorenson rotor and moved the coil cover (which is the only things marked AC Delco on the distributor) over to the new cap. As long as the cap is black and without any other markings, you will be fine as the Delco cap is not marked with any logos. The only logo is on the coil cover and with a little clean up, it will be fine.

    The wires were originally gray with black boots on both ends and marked Packard Electric with a part number and the date of manufacture. No one reproduces the correct gray Packard Electric wires and the AC Delco wires are black, on both the wire and the boots. In the BPG concours judging, you will probably loose a point for incorrect date code on the wires. Nothing you can do about it. Just make the rest of the car as correct as you can. I cannot speak for the BCA, but understand they will probably do the same as the BPG as the judging rules are pretty much the same.

    Some judges may not even notice if you use the AC Delco wires and not an aftermarket brand, but plan on a point deducted.

    Since you are entering an unrestored class, they are a little looser. Normal maintence items are OK to change from original, but I would use Delco parts whenever possible (filters, wires, etc.).

    BTW, I have found a very close match to the original paint on the engine, which was a one year only color (upto 74 was Buick Red, 76 and up was GM corporate blue). It is in spray cans at your auto parts store under Dupli-Color name brand and is General Motors Bright Aqua part number DSGM 440. It is so close to the correct color, no one would notice!
  5. nailheadina67

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    If you're going to enter it in any Buick club sponsored shows, those are usually judged using the 400 point system. Where most guys get burned on this is on Batteries, radiator hose clamps, belts, hoses, radiator cap, oil filter, spark plugs, wires, things that can be easily seen and are obvious. Also, if they're being fussy, they'll take points off for non-original shocks. Wheels and tires are very important also......original chrome lug nuts.....make sure the tires are the corrrect size and whitewall type. They also deduct for aftermarket radios and crap under the dash that doesn't belong there. I put my crap on a magnet mount and remove them just for these kind of shows. At local shows I've found they are more lenient, but it all depends on the judges.......how fair they are and what they are looking for.

    I helped judge once or twice at our local show, and the best advice I can give you is to make sure you use ac-delco replacement parts if you can't get original ones. One dude last summer with a '79 Riv got hosed for 10 points b/c he had the original olds motor in his car but put an olds decal on the air cleaner lid that wasn't supposed to be there. :bglasses:
  6. Carl Rychlik

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    I would say that just so long as you keep with original replacement equipment,you won't go wrong. Getting some of these parts may be a pain,but in the end,it's worth it.
  7. Stage1 Jeff

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    in some spots on the intake and block,is down to the bare cast iron. should i leave it alone, to prove unrestored original? water pump was replaced right before i got it.if i had to touch up some areas, how bout using some type of
    dull topcoat to hide any touchups? also,the tires on it now are 225-75/15's
    the decal in the glove box had HR78-15.are these the same??
    the lug nuts have chrome"caps" over plain steel ones.they are the originals, buy 2 are missing the little caps.
    how do i find repro ones?
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  8. nailheadina67

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    I have some of those lug nuts......maybe 10 or 12 of them........I'll sell 'em to you cheap......send me a PM if you want them. 255/75 is the metric size for h-78, your tires are the correct size. :bglasses:
  9. Stage1 Jeff

    Stage1 Jeff Guest

    sure,how much you want for them?
  10. nailheadina67

    nailheadina67 Official Nailheader

    A million bucks and your first born........lol.......sent you a PM :bglasses:
  11. Brad Conley

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    It was on all the Buick engines in 1975, V6 through 455. Who knows why they chose the color. Maybe because the V6 was re-introduced in 1975 model year, maybe they got tired of Buick Red. Red paint is more expensive to produce due to the pigments used...maybe that's why. I'm sure there is a reason, but have never heard the reason as to why. :Do No:
  12. Mike Jones

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    Anyone have a contact for Mr Osborne so I don't have to register with an email and password to order a decal? I would rather just speak to him. Thanks

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