Original paint & striping 1970 GSX rear spoiler.

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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    I know I have looked for this information before without luck, so I’m just posting this for future people restoring a 70 Gsx.

    This came off an original owner 1970 Gsx that’s spoiler was replaced due to the delamination probably pictured in my photographs hope this helps someone out .
    Not professional photographs but you can see by some of the wavy lines in the pinstriping that these were down the line production items that a whole Lotta time was not spent on .
    8C575921-8B40-4260-B319-6286B5029B77.jpeg 895ED518-F347-402C-8794-5009BFDB4190.jpeg 947398AE-75AC-4844-B8AD-E84EAF505C87.jpeg EC807EEA-EC1F-4B83-B8A9-603B217E7AC7.jpeg 90364264-12CA-4CA3-93CC-AB80F523D1C8.jpeg D7B43C71-79B5-4D57-A141-74A684E349DA.jpeg 9CE196BA-8FB2-445D-AACD-872409E266D9.jpeg 513AB5C6-1C18-4B33-8F97-21DCDF03DE7D.jpeg E6E0CF82-3D80-450D-8749-7403DC67746B.jpeg 253D63C0-7D35-4FC0-900D-F7C5E782B58C.jpeg
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    9B2D5D31-5D1A-4544-BF4F-3DA5418750C6.jpeg 8E7C925B-EE9F-4D5D-80CE-A18DE210E865.jpeg 07488477-D5B8-4DB1-9117-FAAC92A3A26F.jpeg 6BB0D1DB-71A1-4A14-B7F8-F40296480867.jpeg 1970 Saturn yellow lacquer stored in a garage and my 2019 Shipping & Receiving Manager Rosie Fritz! : )
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  3. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    Factory GSX stripes were hand applied. It was a get it done quick third shift deal from what I hear. It is well known there are mid matched stripes where stencils were applied and overspray on door handles.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Yes Sir, a big 10-4 on that! Just thought it might be interesting to some folks since many are now restored thus erasing the “Ho hum just another car” application back in the day : )
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    :)We must understand that these cars were supposed to be consumed not loved and restored.So out the door to the dealer.No complaints go. Problem dealer will fix it? .
    Back in the day:)
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Yes!:) And my “car” is being consumed with rust (“only the FINEST rust! Lol) and all these original 1970 GSX parts regardless of condition will be used with zero complaints:)
    Anyone have a rough but complete original X grill emblem? Or other trinkets,please PM me : )

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