~Original 1970 and 71-72 Skylark Trunk Pans, Can Ship~

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by AzChevs, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. AzChevs

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    Got a 1970 Monte in yesterday with some good sheet metal, rust free trunk pan just dirty,same as the Skylark. Its the red car in the first 2 photos, then 71-72 is in an actual Skylark. Have them on sale until Nov. 11th with 10% off. It's $300.00, now $270.00 for 70 and 71-72 now $247.50. They will be taken off all spot welds and cut thru the rear so I can save the tail panels, last photo shows a red line where it will be made to save all the support braces. (Skylark tail panel for sale too) There are two bolt holes by the fuel neck bulge that someone made on the 70, photos shows it close up. Cheaper shipping thru Greyhound or Fed Ex ground for those who are not near a terminal. It also can be cut down if needed. These 70 are hard to find and unique on the top behind the back seat, some 69's had this same shape. The 68 or 71-72 will be different there but could be used for most of it except that main brace behind the back seat on the underside. I also have the side cowls and floor sections too.Paypal accepted Joe 602-298-7090

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  2. staged70

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    You have any idea of a total for a 70 trunk floor pan from the seat to tail to 63116 I have a greyhound depot near by too. Would consider the whole floor if its all good. The braces can be shipped seperately
  3. AzChevs

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    Sorry, The 70 trunk pan was sold, I just got in 71 which has a different upper trunk pan. I have a 1969 Skylark that I have listed in the parts car section here that I am about to sell in pieces if a local sale for the whole car doesn't come thru.
  4. Dano

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    Interesred in the 71-72 trunk. Need the tail panel too unless it's the one you sold in the other ad. Is the Skylark a 2 dr? If so, do you have the pass floor pan too?

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