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Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by pick62, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. sootie007

    sootie007 65 Skylark -455 - T350

    You Bet Tim ...j
  2. Joe65SkylarkGS

    Joe65SkylarkGS 462 ina 65 Lark / GN

    Hey Pal!!!!! Pleasure speaking with you Tim.

    We'll talk again soon.:bglasses:
  3. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member


    I have thought about you many times over the last several weeks. I am also praying for you although some days I have forgotten to lift you up but most days I have. We do serve a Big God and a Risen Savior!! I doubt if we'll meet on this earth but will look you in in Heaven (when we both get there) to swap old Buick stories! Keep up the good fight and know that you are in good hands with the Lord! Please PM me if you ever need to talk or need any encouragement. Signed- your brother in Christ.
  4. pick62

    pick62 pick62

    Hey Evans sounds like an excellent plan. Swapping old war stories and stuff. Joe you got that right. It's really cool talking to ya about this and that. Thanks to all who are there for all in need of prayer and support! You guys are the best!:TU: Hey Joe maybe I can give you a buzz this weekend if you're not working. Let me know. A big THANK YOU from a Brother in Christ!!!
    Phil 4:13
  5. pick62

    pick62 pick62

    Going in to see the Oncologist on Friday after not being able to afford it for about 4 months. :pray: :pray: :pray: Please!
    Thanks Again!
  6. 69RivieraGS

    69RivieraGS Well-Known Member

    How are you doing Tim? We're all pulling for you. You inspire us all! :TU:
  7. pick62

    pick62 pick62

    Well haven't been on here again for a while. Went and seen my Oncologist and the report was there was no evidence of cancer at this time. Did have to go in and have another EGD again. That's an outpatent surgical procedure where they run a scope down my esophagus and check things out and do a biopsy. The biopsy came back negative but he had to stretch my esophagus out again because it had collapsed again due to the radiation. He said this time he really had to stretch it alot. I could tell it was bad because I was having trouble getting food to go down. That is a procedure I will have to have done for the rest of my life. Man also I wieghed in at a whopping 129 lbs. I've lost now 100 lbs. since the whole cancer thing started. Other wise the report was good. Then had an accident on the Harley and laid it on my side and fractured my foot in 4 places. Boy if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.LOL! Any way thank you all for your prayers and I think results of the last visit to the Oncologist proves that prayer does work and God does answer prayer for those who are wondering or may have any doubt. It does and always will work in accordqance to God's will.:TU:
    Thanks To All Who are in My corner!!!:TU: :TU: :TU: :beers2:
  8. Floydsbuick

    Floydsbuick Well-Known Member

    Wow!! Perhaps its not your time yet. Thats great news.
  9. Joe65SkylarkGS

    Joe65SkylarkGS 462 ina 65 Lark / GN

    Tim glad to hear your reports are coming in good. But what the hell happened that you laid your bike down???

    Please be careful on that thing.
  10. Coachk5978

    Coachk5978 Well-Known Member

    Pretty humbled by your grace and dignity in this difficult time. You will be a source of strength to me (though we've never met) to not gripe or complain about "nonsense". Cancer has left it's ugly touch on my family. Father, throat cancer. Mother lung cancer. Brother prostate cancer (26 years old) and sister breast cancer. God Bless you and your family. The Kriegers, Fairport, NY
  11. JohnD1956

    JohnD1956 Well-Known Member

    Thank God for that good report Tim. Keeping you in my prayers. Please, stay safe and keep the faith!
  12. custom

    custom Got Kenora?

    Still praying for you brother. Glad to hear the good report.

    "Rejoice evermore."
    "Pray without ceasing."
    "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

    I Thess 5:16-18.
  13. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Tim, glad to hear the good report. Hope the news continues to be good. And be careful on that Harley. Get some metal around you.
  14. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    Tim , it seems like the prayers have helped . I have lost several family members and very good friends in the last years and felt bad until I realized they are in a much better place now . It may sound odd right now with the suffering you have , but God will take care of you .
  15. LAKOTA

    LAKOTA Sungakan yankahaypi mita

    Thanks for posting...still pullin for ya.

  16. 87GN@Tahoe

    87GN@Tahoe Well-Known Member

    YOU sir are inspiring

    I can only hope I will face my end with even a fraction of your dignity.

    May the lord be with you.

    The hard part of life is almost over.

  17. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    Wes , so eliquently stated . Bad for me to use words like that with no spell check here . Again May God be with you , Tim
  18. sootie007

    sootie007 65 Skylark -455 - T350

    Tim thats awesome news ,,,but stay off that bike will ya ..ha ha ....J
  19. Mister T

    Mister T Just truckin' around

    Tim, it is very heartening to hear that you are on the road to full recovery. :beer :beer However, I would recommend another method of weight loss which is not so dramatic.:laugh: :laugh:

    BTW, I concur with getting some steel, (or a cage as we used to call it) around you.:TU:
  20. RobertSchmelzer

    RobertSchmelzer The Glassman Cometh

    That's great news, Tim! I mean about the dr's report. Not the Harley though. Man, if we are going to pray for your health you gotta quit pushing your luck on the Hog, dude! :laugh:

    Still praying for ya though.

    Praise God for answers to prayers!

    Thank you Jesus that by your stripes Tim has the healing power for his body. We proclaim your wounds to have their full effect in his health. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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