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Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by CJB72Skylark, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. pphil

    pphil Well-Known Member

    i sent payment for 2 sets
    1 silver and 1 black (both reversed)
    thanks scott
  2. Scot69GS400conv

    Scot69GS400conv Stepchild

    What is the current count? I haven't logged on for a while and missed this whole thread (and the wall hanger as well).

    I'd be interested in silver (either cut) as I have a black top and interior.

  3. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    The count is current (I wrote on the inventory count Updated: 4/7).

    The last set of silver reversed are yours.
  4. Joe65SkylarkGS

    Joe65SkylarkGS 462 ina 65 Lark / GN

    Got mine Cullen. Thanks!!:beers2:

    Real nice job.
  5. wagons

    wagons Well-Known Member

    :beers2: excellent
  6. cstanley-gs

    cstanley-gs Silver Mist

    Received mine today too :laugh:
  7. Scot69GS400conv

    Scot69GS400conv Stepchild

    Cool ... paypal sent for 6.50 1 set of reversed silver's.

    Payment details

    Amount: $6.50 USD
    Transaction Date: Apr. 8, 2009
    Transaction ID: 8F076902H4156554V

    Subject: You've got a payment

  8. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    Final counts are updated on the post a little north of here. Only black and black reverse left...
  9. frednoah

    frednoah Well-Known Member

    Any word on my decals? I pm'ed you about them on the 5th. Payment cleared a week ago today.

    Was supposed to be a set of silver reversed and a set of black reversed.
  10. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    Ya didn't get the ones with the trisheild, but the calzones....:beers2:
  11. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    I'll try to get them out tomorrow. Work has been crazy, going in early and staying late... Please be patient, they will be in the mail soon. I do this stuff at home at night when I get off work.
  12. apollo 1

    apollo 1 Well-Known Member

    Got mine today .Nice ! Thanks Cullen
  13. stagedgs

    stagedgs 1967 GS400

    Please don't forget me either, been patiently waiting. Now I have a reason to check the mailbox after work. :pray: be there, be there, be there.....
  14. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    Sorry Im so far behind on shipping stuff guys- work is crazy (getting all the last minute signage ready for a new AAA ball stadium) but the biggest hinder right now is that my home laptop that I have all the info on is out of commision right now.

    Dropped it off last weekend at the computer shop, they have to pull the motherboard out to re solder the prong that my power cord plugs into. I cant get it to charge at all right now. $250 to re solder two wires. :blast:

  15. staged70

    staged70 RIP

    Thank you for doing this. I agree with JW take some timew and come back ready to take orders. I will order when you get some more silver or (hopefully) have more colors added. Just make sure you get a little cash out of the deal for your trouble. The guys here don't themselves work for free so neither should you .

    Blue , red , white. If you make it they will come for them!!:)
  16. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator


    8 Black reverse decals (4 sets)
    16 Black decals (8 sets)
  17. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    Only black left. Maybe next time...
  18. MooseBear

    MooseBear Skylark

    Who do I send my money to with paypal for a set of these?
    Can I get one of each?
  19. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    You want a set of black reverse cut and a set of black regular? I wont split up a set and do one of each.

    Paypal to

    Please put your screen name and order details with your payment.
  20. MooseBear

    MooseBear Skylark

    One set of regular. Sent payment this evening.

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