Officer Friendly Lost.

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    In response to the request for more stories. Thanksgiving Day 2017. I decided to take the Riviera for some spirited driving around "the block." To set the stage, "the block" consists of 2 multi-lane roads connected at an 90 degree angle and two single lane neighborhood roads one of which runs right in front of my house. The two multi-lane roads are not conducive to u-turns. The block is the prefect setup for exercising the Buicks' legs (Riv or GN). This day was the perfect reason why. Round one, I exit the neighborhood and proceed to hear a very pleasant and aggressive exhaust sound with a quick chirp of tires. Im not sure where this sound came from. I hang a right at the light onto the second divided highway. The same sounds were heard but for a little longer duration -about the time it takes to travel 1/4 mile. I slowed and turned right into my neighborhood. I wanted to confirm these sounds I heard were from my car not someone else. I make the next right and head back to the first divided road. Round two. Sure enough, as I exited the neighborhood I heard the same sounds! Additionally, I noticed a really nice police cruiser headed the opposite direction. They really do have nice cars. As I make the next right turn onto the second divided highway the sounds of joy bellowing from the Buick were heard again. Just to make sure I did not stir up wild life I check the rear view mirror. I saw that impressive police cruiser hang the right turn I previously made. It looked like he was trying to get somewhere quick. I make my last right turn into the neighborhood. I should add there was a car in front of me clicking along at a good pace (the SPEED Limit). Anyway, As I make the turn that shiny cruiser rolls up braking hard and loosing traction. I pulled into my driveway...

    Officer: Whats the deal with this car!?
    Me: Nothing, I was driving it around. Did I make too much noise? If I did I apologize.
    Officer: Whats the deal with this car!?
    Me: Nothing.
    Officer: Well I saw you the first time and didn't see where you went. Then I saw you again down the same road a few minutes later.
    Me: Yes sir, I was driving the car around.
    Officer: Whats the deal with this car!? (yes he asked three times).
    Me: Nothing, its just one of my classics. Im just driving them around.
    Officer: Well I going to guess you are the one that left those burn out marks over there (clearly in front of the neighbor's house).
    Me: Nope. In fact I called you guys on that and provided you the description of the offending vehicle and I never speed in a neighborhood.
    Officer: Oh...Well have a nice day.
    Me: Thank you, and thank you for working this Thanksgiving.
    (I did shake his hand while thanking him)

    Mic drop...
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    ".... no, sir. If this car had done that, the tracks would still be flaming for a hundred yards..."
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    LOL! That was some smooth talking!

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