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    Up for sale is a 1979? engine that has never been installed or started as far as I can tell. (usual methods to determine date of manufacture turned up no stamped numbers on the block.) Buick donated this engine to a high school shop class, where it sat for about 30 years. I pulled the heads and oil pan to discover shiny clean internals. See photos for what I saw. It has no accessories on the front of the engine. Not pictured but included will be the distributor and a set of used exhaust manifolds.
    The carb was rebuilt by TechG8. Other than the carb, nothing has been touched. I have had this engine stored on a stand in a plastic bag with plenty of lube to prevent rust.
    I am located in Maryland between Frederick and Baltimore. It would be difficult for me to get this strapped to a pallet so am hoping someone can pickup.
    Asking price is $900.
    Post reply for interest and then Please use email for contact:
    This engine will also be offered for sale locally.

    Dave IMG_3405.jpg 001a.JPG 001a1a.JPG 003a.JPG 004a - Copy.JPG 006a.JPG IMG_3387a - Copy.jpg IMG_3396.jpg 002a1a.JPG 001a.JPG
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    I cant look at your avatar
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    Do you mean that you can't look at it without wincing as you remember similar injuries? :)
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    Man, it's a shame shipping to Iowa would be about as much as your asking price. I'd buy that thing in a second. stab a cam in it, and put it in my regal. Or a hairier cam and wait until those aluminum heads come out. :p
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    Hey Dave, my 72 needs a new 350 you have what could be close enough! I have accessories and brackets. I need carb to pan. Need to sort out how to get it! I am in Ottawa Canada will be in Maine mid July
    Some way we can sort out a delivery!
    Thanks Dave
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    DAVES72GS--PM sent
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    do you still have the motor will it fit a 1969 skylark. mine frozen up where are you I can pick it up got a truck thanks andy. email me at
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    You may want to email the OP at the email address set forth in his first post. The OP is In Maryland.
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    what OP thing is that
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    OP = Original Poster. The guy that first put it up for sale. And it would fit into a 1969 Skylark.
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