Nos 71 Grill is not here!

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Stagedcoach71, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Stagedcoach71

    Stagedcoach71 Well-Known Member

    I did not swap a gentleman from this board my used and obliterated gs grill for a nos 71 GS grill, & it did not show up today.
    I did not get it mounted and it still looks terrible!
    there is no difference!
    I couldnt be unhappier!
    Anyone have a GS emblem and grille for sale?
    Just had to share my sadness!
    I continue to have breathing room in my budget!

    PS: Please support Alan with his reproduction projects!:)
  2. 70GSClone

    70GSClone Torqued Off

    I do know a guy in Mexico that may swap you a 71 nos grill.
    Says all it will cost is a kidney.
    Surely you have a extra to spare?

    Sorry to have pissed anyone off, just happy to obtain the holy gail at no cost.
    I would support repos and had been in contact with Tony about repo grills prior to getting mine.
    I dont need taillights or a grill now, sorry.
    I do support it though, anyone make raised 455 air cleaner stickers?
  3. 70GSClone

    70GSClone Torqued Off

    Oh yeah to further disgust you-

    I have only had my Buick for 3 months, I previously had only Fords, secondly I had only been looking for a grill for a month and lastly I had only been a member of this board for under a week when I met the guy I swung the deal with : P

    Dont worry I do appreciate it!
    I was ready to plunk down $600-$700 for nos.
    I got lucky.
    First time in my life and probably the last.
    God knows I put my pants on one leg at a time and take a beating everytime I sell a car!
    : P
  4. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    John Csordas under this Board by the name of Skyhawk.
  5. Stagedcoach71

    Stagedcoach71 Well-Known Member


    I'm glad you got what you needed!:TU:

    It is BB policy that at least one member of '71 owners contingent whine and or complain about the scarce nature of their grilles daily.

    Today is my shift.

    How am I doing?:Do No:
  6. 70GSClone

    70GSClone Torqued Off

    I honestly can't believe it.
    I am very greatful.
    The money I saved will allow me to buy some other things like a hood tach <have a gsx hood>, new kick panels, maybe some rocker moldings ect

    Hell maybe I should spend the money on some go fast goodies.
    Could get a nice original stage 1 carb and get it dyno tuned.
    I just hope the grill fares well on the street and strip!
    I WILL cry if anything happens to it! : P
    Maybe I should upgrade to front discs
    Keep looking!
    You never know who and what will show up on this board!
    You almost have to live on it!
  7. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    71 Grille

    I was contacted by the wife of an aquaintance of mine whom I had purchase my 71 GS grille from. He was in a severe accident and suffered massive injuries and head trauma. She is Selling his cars and parts off to help pay some bills. I was in her attic and saw another 71 GS grille, NOS 70 GS grille in the box, mint fender with stage1 emblem, two 72 Grilles, Full Qtr 70-72, boxes of Buick Carbs, about five dash instrument bezels in good shape, one SF 455, GS hood 70-72, 67 front bumper Mint!!!!!, 67 GS 400 in very nice shape needs a new paint job but looked very good. Under side of car was spotless with New exhaust and headers, Very nice interior. Vinyl top was perfect, very solid car. All she said was it was fast and loud. I think she wanted about 9k for it.
    Also had a 72 GS 350 four speed car les drive train and core support, had buckets and console in good shape for about 1000. Honestly there were so many parts it was amazing. He had been collecting parts for at least 20 years. She told me he sold his NOS 71 Grille for 1500 last summer. The amount of parts was incredible.
  8. 462CID

    462CID Buick newbie since '89

    I never thought that I'd consider it easy to get '70 Skylark parts.
  9. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    I assume you are talking about Dale L. He is the only one in this area that I know of, who fits that description .. I am sorry to hear of his accident.

    I have known Dale for 20 years, and yes, he has a lot of parts.

  10. Stagedcoach71

    Stagedcoach71 Well-Known Member

    dialysis anyone

  11. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    JW- Yes I'm talking about Dale, I was also very sorry to hear about his accident. I don't have the funds to buy much right now. I had gone over there hoping he still had the NOS 71, but found out he had sold it. I would like to buy the 72 4 spd car as a future project but with the 71 going on and the 67 GS convert waiting My wife will kill me.
  12. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    How is Dale?

  13. 73Electra 225

    73Electra 225 Well-Known Member

    That must be one big attic!!:grin:
  14. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    From what she has told me, he suffered severe brain damage but is able to communicate by squeezing her hand and gave her a thumbs up. He has a long road ahead to recovery but is very lucky to be alive. I also have a friend who was in the same boat about three years ago and she has recovered almost completely. I hope and pray that he is able to recover from this. He has a strong support network and his family is with him constantly.
  15. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    IT's good to hear that he has a good support network around him, and I certainly wish him the best. We were never really close friends because of our age difference, but I sold him a bunch of parts from the GS clone Convert I had in high school, when I went drag racing. Since getting into the business, I have started to buy a few pieces from him, now and then, and was in his garage as late as last spring... I did a brake booster for him, for that '67 car.

    This is a lot to take in during a quick glance at the BB during a coffee break...:shock:

    I am very surprised I had not heard of this sooner... when did this happen?

  16. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    it happened on Friday the 13th back in Sept, He rolled his semi truck up in ND or SD. He is in a nursing home now until he is able to come home. I had been trying to call him for about a month before she called me back. I was stunned when I heard what happened. I was all excited to tell him about the BPG and this board.
  17. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    I just spoke with Dale's wife.. wow.. this is tragic..

    I offered her my help to market and sell his parts, thru this and the club board, and ebay if it gets to that.

    She is problably wanting to sell his cars first, and has had a few other of his friends offer to help. Considering my occupation, and knowing what I do about the values of his stuff, I sure hope she takes me up on that offer. I would hate to see his lifetime collection get sold, and for him and his family not to gain all the benefit from his years of collecting.

    I am not sure where this is going, but I sure hope that we can all help out a fellow Buick guy and his family, in this time of need. to wonder around the shop in daze for a while...:shock:

  18. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    JW, I'm glad that you spoke with her. I had offered to help her to post stuff on the board too. But you are way more in tune with current values and much better a position to do it. My prayers go out to Dale and his family.

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