Non buick people just dont understand.....

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by mygrain, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Smartin

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    no you're thinking of the wildcat 446. The 443's were only offered on the buick cutlass in 1972. The 1972 443 came with an option 6 speed hurst triple gate shifter. Now THOSE are hard to find.
  2. Regal1

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    All I know is look out for those Plum Purple LS6 Mopar's there "BBBBBBad to the Bone!

    Now where have I heard that before :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Blah, Blah, Blah


    Lets see...443

    4 BBl Carb
    4 speed transmission
    3 brain cells......
  4. Smartin

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    I worked on a challenger with a factory LS6. The owner told me to be extra careful not to drop anything down the carburetor. He just wanted his throttle body adjusted. I told him I'd have to let my boss do it because I was too nervous about dropping things in the "carburetor" when I was working on his LS6.
  5. GS1

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    Unpaid tickets

    I can't beat the laughs I got when reading the previous posts here but I was reminded of a time in college (1981-85) when the "unknown" proved to be beneficial. I picked up two parking tickets ( in my 71 GS Stage 1) from the campus police and neither one of them listed the car as a Buick, one listed as an Olds. and the other as an Chev. I figured that if they couldn't get the make correct, I would wait and see how long it would them to track me down. Got my diploma and still haven't paid the tickets 20 years later!
  6. Smartin

    Smartin Guest

    That's priceless! That sort of thing wouldn't work at my school, as all the License plates and stuff are registered with the make and model of the car, so when I get a ticket they know it's me!


    BTW: Does your 71 GS have the Hurst Olds package? :grin:
  7. GS1

    GS1 Well-Known Member

    It must! I have always wondered why that silver colored thing with the math equation printed on the knob says Hurst on the side of it!
  8. dave64

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    If you really want to mess with small minds.....

    When I first got my Skylark, the previous owner had lost one hubcap so had put a set of Oldsmobile hubcaps on it. Took it to the local cruise night a couple of weeks later and what did I hear all night?

    Nice Oldsmobile.

    I guess it doesn't really say Buick on it anywhere, but does say Skylark quite obviously. At least I didn't hear it called a Chevelle.:rolleyes:
  9. Smartin

    Smartin Guest

    It's amazing that we've found so many guys with such rare cars in this post!

    Does anyone else have any cars we might want to know about???
  10. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

    I think it was 2 years ago at the Woodward Dream Cruise we were riding top down in Dave and Dayna's '68 Skylark, (Dave's old race car, with the 430 in it) and came across a couple of GN's the first one was actually a GNX from OH, we tossed a few comments about going to Bowling Green and Columbus and Norwalk, he said he'd gone the GS Nats in Columbus cause it was close, and would go back, then we asked him about coming to Buick Race Day at Norwalk and he said it was too far to go, as was BG, hmm, this seems weird as he's doing burnouts with it in Michigan, so as we continued down Woodward we saw a few more GNs and decided to harass them all and yelled, nice Monte Carlo! They looked at us in a '68 Buick and didn't seem to know what it was, so we kept it up, I'm sure we po'd a bunch of Buick people, but what they didn't realize we knew what the had and they didn't have a clue that we were also in Buick.
    Amongst ourselves in Michigan, we occasionally tell each other nice Chevelle, cause it's a never ending comment, and then we laugh together, it's all fun, when you know the truth, BUICKS will alway rule!
    Happy New Year to all! Roberta:beer :bglasses: :grin:
  11. Dave@Moon

    Dave@Moon Well-Known Member

    I was behind Dan in line that day. It was not one of Buick's shining momoents! :eek:

    In the event's defence, however, it should be said that the lady with the long, thick beard still makes some of the best $1 bean soup I've ever tasted. :Brow: :Brow: :Brow: :gt:
  12. Smartin

    Smartin Guest

    Dave -
    I see you've found the V8 Buick forum. I just recently registered and I'm already hooked! As if I wasn't hooked on the BCA forum enough. I have to find another reason to sit at my computer for hours at a time!:grin: :grin:

  13. Dave@Moon

    Dave@Moon Well-Known Member

    Hi Adam. Yeah, I've been dropping in here and eavesdropping from time to time. But as I'm not what you'd call a performance freak I haven't seen too much to post on.

    It is strange to not be calling you "Martin", however! :pp :grin:

    PARTSMAN GM New Member

    Isn 't that the model with factory dual quads and tri-power?
  15. SportWagonGS

    SportWagonGS Moderator


    Or how about this one...."My brother had one of those new, them GS 455 wagons sure are rare" (see avatar pic)
    So far I've heard this one twice!
  16. Regal1

    Regal1 Well-Known Member

  17. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    All great stories.
    I'll never understand why so many guys feel they need to pretend they know cars?
    A few years ago I met the guy my cousin was going to marry, and he's telling me about some project cars he had done.
    I'm thinking "Cool! someone I can shoot the bull with at family gatherings"!
    Then out of his mouth comes the statement."I had a '69 Torino with a 454 in it" :puzzled:
    Lost all credibility right there.
    Why pretend?
    If I went to an air show of WW2 fighter planes for example, I wouldn't go around saying,
    " Ahh! a P-53 Mustang! My father flew one in Korea". WTF?
    I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my wife, When a guy walks past my Riviera and says "Nice Lincoln".
    I glanced around but didn't see any old Lincolns around.
    Which reminds me of when my father had his 1940 Lincoln Continental Convertible, I was surprised so many people had either owned one, knew someone who owned one, Etc. when there were only 350 built that year.
  18. BuickAl

    BuickAl Well-Known Member

    Here's the WORST Kind

    Ok. Here's the worst and stupidest person I've run into.....those that think they know more than you (THE OWNER OF THE CAR) and who don't listen.

    True Life Illustration of the above.

    There I am with the 72 GS 350 at the gas pump filling her up. Along side me pulls a crapped out, beat up, trashed up, smoking green maverick (was there ever any other color maverick made?) with 2 shirtless, long haired, hard day's night looking, beer in hand, automotive engineers that have done their parents proud.

    Anyway, they stop and passenger says (well, it may not have exactly qualified as speech, but it was intelligible enough for me to understand.....a scary thought as I now consider it)

    Passenger: "That's a real purdy MC you have."

    Me: "MC?"

    Passenger: "Yeah, you know, Monte Carlo. I had one with small block chevy 400 once"

    Me: "Thanks, but its actually a Buick GS".

    Passenger: "Oh yeah, I like those Cutlasses too."

    Me: "Not cutlass, Buick GS."

    Passenger: "Are you sure you know what you are talking about because I've owned one and it was definitely a Cutlass."

    Me: "I thought you owned a MC?"

    Passenger: "Had one a them too, that's why I know so much"

    Me: "Well, the title says Buick, the emblem on the fender says GS, so I guess its actually a Buick."

    Passenger: "Anybody can take a Monte Carlo and put different emblems on it"

    Me: "Ok......thanks."

    The conversation (such that it was) ended and away went the sons of another proud parent in GA.

  19. BuickAl

    BuickAl Well-Known Member

    Buick Wagon

    WAGON? Hell, Kurt, I thought that was a Buick HEARSE......LOL!!

  20. OLDS442GM

    OLDS442GM Going Fast With Class!

    Hey my Olds gets the "Nice Monti" treatment too.....just look at the pics in my new post......does "442" spell out "Monti", if so GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN HOW TO READ PLEASE!! :laugh: . But serioursly...if you think or you just dont know....dont pass on your stupidity to the owner of the car. I had this happen to me at a car show....I yelled at this guy so bad, that the car show stopped and I had other cruise members getting ready to stop me before I popped him one. I'm not a violent person, but don't critisize me and tear apart my car. I just replyied "is your 442 here" "uh NO" "so get the "F" out of my car show and do everyone a favor dont come back!" :af: . Well the guy left, and I was the topic of converstion the whole car show, known as the guy who will fight for his cars rights :laugh: :laugh: . I hate stupid people....I hate ignorant people even more.


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