No drum to disc conversion for my buick

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by thapachuco, May 12, 2020.

  1. Mart

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    Power drums used to be better when real asbestos shoes were available, not the organic crap today.
  2. Dan Hach

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    The OP asked about rear discs. The front brake does 70%+ of the stopping on a car. With weight transfer, it can be (much) more than that. As you reduce the weight on the rear, the brakes become less and less effective (because they lock up sooner). So adding a disc in the rear does nothing for you in terms of stopping power.

    As to drum brake sin general, once a tire skids, you're out of control. Adding a stronger brake on the front or back to make the tire skid sooner gets you nothing. Brakes can very effectively lock up the tires (under most conditions).
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  3. 436'd Skylark

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    I find it's easier to control a disc brake system over a drum. Much easier to apply pressure with out locking up. Driving a 4 wheel drum rig on a snow covered road makes that real clear.

    That being said, 4 wheel discs is more about keeping up with the Jones..
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  4. knucklebusted

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    If the OP can find a weld-on bracket kit that suits him, I'm sure rear discs can be had. If you have access to waterjet, you could make one to suit yourself. Make a pattern for any big car kit and drill the holes you need to make it bolt to the backing plate holes. Rotors in 5x5 are not hard to source. Calipers will match the bracket you select. It is a worthwhile project.

    I will always prefer 4 wheel discs because they are faster to react, easier to control and harder to lock. A drum will self energize and grab the drum, causing it to lock much easier than a disc.

    Discs are not a gimmick and they will haul your car down more reliably and straighter than any drum brake setup can. I've owned every combination of brakes known to man and even without ABS, my heavier Stage 1 car will way out stop my 350 4-speed car with 4 wheel drums. I've since converted it to front discs and will put rear discs on it in the near future because it is much, much safer with equal tires and suspension.

    I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is with a contest at the next GS meet if we get to have one. My 70 Stage 1 4-wheel disc against any 4-wheel drum car you want to pull out. 70MPH to 0MPH, shortest distance wins. Cross the 1/4 mile line at 70MPH and stop as short as you can.
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  5. Dan Hach

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    Interesting perspective and comments. It would be great to see a side by side comparison of the two systems.
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  6. knucklebusted

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    Anybody got any pull with the track folks and set this up? Who wants to try to out stop me?
  7. Dan Hach

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    You'd have to throw about 10 sacks of cement in your trunk just to make it even if I did it :).


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