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  1. badbuik

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    *Holley "black" electric fuel pump, I don't remember the specs, was used in a stand alone fuel system for 2 nitrous units. Pump works great, and is about 3 years old..$90 shipped
    *1 gallon fuel cell with foam, used for stand alone fuel system, JAZ brand I think, has 2 feed fittings, one top return fitting and a vent. $60
    *2 Holley fuel regulators on JEGS distribution block with pressure gage. $40
    *Induction Solutions fuel Flow tool, for setting nitrous fuel presure, with large gage. $125
    *NX Gemini Twin plate nitrous unit, "Flowed and jetted" by Induction Solutions, Dominator flange, 1 inch thick, works great!! Jet maps from Induction Solutions from 125-400 hp. Will include empty 10lb nitrous bottle if shipping, For local pick up I can do a FULL bottle instead, for addition fee.....$500
    *Induction Solutions Pro Race Fogger nitrous unit, started off life as an NOS brand unit, Flowed and balanced, with Jet maps (4 levels) from Induction Solutions, 300-400hp. Is "plumbed" up on a MOPAR Super Victor intake manifold. Solenoids were rebuilt by IS about 3 years ago. Will include empty 10lb bottle for shipping, For local pickup I can do a FULL bottle instead, for additional fees..........$600
    More items to follow... And more pics.
    All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING to lower 48.....
    Gary G. ""

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  2. badbuik

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    I will be post these items on a local Race "For Sale" Forum... Trust me, the 455 Buick LOVES at least a 100 shot of nitrous!!!!
  3. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

    Such and outrageous claim!

    BBB on juice?

    Well, ok, If I wasn’t already armed with the juice I’d be buyin these goodies....bump for supporting fellow BUICK guys to dip their toes into the next level of cant wipe a smile off your face as a result of burying the floor feed and the nitrous kicks in....
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  4. badbuik

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    The Plate NX nitrous plate is SOLD.
    I will be including the Induction Solutions Distribution Manifold with the IS Fogger unit, no additional fees.......
    Gary G.
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    Is the intake for sale and will it fit stg2se heads?
  6. badbuik

    badbuik Well-Known Member

    The intake is NOT for sale... Really? Sorry if that wasn't clear.........
    Gary G.
  7. BuickGSrules

    BuickGSrules Gold Level Contributor

    Okay, I was unsure so thats why I asked.

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