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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Briz, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Electra Bob

    Electra Bob Well-Known Member

    Nice! I signed up and added myself.
    Will be interesting to watch it fill in with folk.

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  2. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    If you want to add me Erik, I'd appreciate it. Lucas from Missoula, Montana USA. My Buick is a '63 Riviera.
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  3. JWinkler

    JWinkler Member

    Can you add me to map potosi wis buick gs stage 1 thanks :)
  4. JWinkler

    JWinkler Member

    Will do soon as i figure out how lol
  5. rjm

    rjm Well-Known Member

    You can add me, Rick, Mooresville, IN.
  6. DruRizzo

    DruRizzo Well-Known Member

    Add me?
    Dru Jacksonville, Fl
    70 Lesabre
  7. 68 Wildcat

    68 Wildcat Dash Riprock

    Please add me to the map 68Wildcat (Gary) Montreal Quebec canada


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