New Buick GS Cowl Hood

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by mltdwn12, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. fc61

    fc61 Member

    Hey Craig you still making these hoods?
    I`m wondering how your schedule is looking and whenever you have some free time if you could mail me your FAQ?
  2. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    I haven't had the time to work on any in a while due to family commitments and the freakin' heat. I mean, it's the end of September and it's still 100+ degrees in the garage and humid :ball: Hopefully October while bring some free time and cooler temps!
  3. BK455

    BK455 Platinum Level Contributor

    That is understandable. I just wanted to make a note that I am next in line as of the beginning of the year. I have not looked for another hood, and do not want another hood, I just want the one that you make. Please send me a private message stating that you are aware of this and that the next one you make will be for me. I can wait longer and do not want to go by the wayside after waiting this long. Love the hood.

    Thank you,

    Dennis Connell
  4. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    Here is the second reincarnation of the Riv hood. Should go back on the car fully painted Monday.
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo NCM_00411_zps633d7ec3.jpg"/></a>
  5. Da Torquester.

    Da Torquester. Platinum Level Contributor

    Was really interested in getting one of these hoods. Problem is with all the people in line to get one I'd need to wait practically 5 yrs. Bummer !!!:(
  6. ed1le

    ed1le Well-Known Member

    Not in market now as my 'lark is in storage but subscribing to thread and hoping you're still producing these in a couple of years. This is the hood I've dreamed of for mine!
  7. ToddsGS

    ToddsGS Founders Club Member

    Sent an e-mail.

    I have a customer that really wants one of your GS / Cowl hoods.

    Included my e-mail address in the PM.


  8. greggzy71x

    greggzy71x Well-Known Member

    hey craig my name is gregg i will take the last hood you have please call me asap 732 406 6285 so we can make arrangements thanks a lot
  9. greggzy71x

    greggzy71x Well-Known Member

    hi i was wondering if i could purchase a new gs cowl hood off of you my name is gregg please call to make arrangements thank you 732 406 6285
  10. fc61

    fc61 Member

    Hi Craig . I would like to sign up for one of your cowl hoods. You can send the FAQ to me at , at our convenience. Thanks Finn.
  11. ToddsGS

    ToddsGS Founders Club Member

    Hi Craig,

    I know you're swamped with requests for these hoods.

    I've sent a couple e-mails and posted here a couple times.

    I have a customer that WANTS ONE OF THESE HOODS!!!

    Please respond so we know to keep our hopes up or look elsewhere.

    Thank You,

    Todd / DC MuscleCars
  12. BOP & MOPAR

    BOP & MOPAR '70 GSX Dreaming

    I went back and read through the comments here and stopped counting at 13 people in line for hoods, including myself. At your current asking price of $550, that's $7150 worth of potential revenue here, and surely more to come. I know good things are worth waiting for, but have you thought about dedicating more time to this, or maybe selling the mold to another company like VFN Fiberglass if you dont have the time to make them yourself? Your product is obviously very in demand, and as long as you can get your supply to meet it, you have a nice money maker on your hands. Best of luck!
  13. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    Yes, you are correct, there have been a lot of guys waiting in line for a hood. I've started trying to do two hoods at a time, with only a return to one hood when I have to bond the top and bottom sections since I do this while the hood itself is still in the mold. This ensures proper alignment. While your $7150 potential revenue is correct, you are looking at gross vs. net. The resin alone for those 13 hoods is ~$1200, then you add in fiberglass mat, MEKP, cups, gloves, stirrers, PVA, gelcoat, mold wax, clay, the shipping container and the inner frame work for that container and the profits are not nearly as good as you may think. The other thing that has to be accounted for is my time. When I originally started building these hoods for other folks, I told the Wife if I can make $20/hr for my labor, I'd be more than happy. Unfortunately with the amount of time it takes to make both hood pieces, bond them together, post mold work, building the shipping crate I'd be lucky to be at half that when I divide my labor hours into what's left over after materials. :( I don't build the hoods to make a bunch of money, I do it because I enjoy creating something and see people appreciate the effort. I am trying to get better at my efficiency, but it comes in small chunks. The downside of selling the mold is I probably wouldn't get much to make up for the fact that I'm using the 4th hood mold and the second underside mold. I've been improving the looks over the last 4 years with most changes happening right after I sold the first "commercial" hood to Steve Reynolds. Each hood mold has probably cost me about $1000 to create. Luckily I have been using the same hood mold for about 2 years now. I could make another underside mold and save a couple of hours labor, but that's more down time from making hoods. Molds are a lot of work and money. A hood is made of 2 layers of fiberglass, the mold for that hood is 9 layers! Anyway, I appreciate the feedback and I know I've said this time and time, but I am working on them, I just can't work 50-60 hours a week and then spend my entire weekend in the garage making hoods.

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2014
  14. bw406

    bw406 Well-Known Member

    Craig, that's a great looking hood! I built mine out of steel, I think it weighs more than the rest of the car. Have you ever done a weight comparison, stock hood vs. yours? Anyway, nice work, if I did it again, I'd buy one from you!
  15. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    Thanks Ben :) Yes, I weighed my steel hood with a scientific bathroom scale :) and I think it was about 82 pounds. My bolt on hood with the airbox is 35 pounds (weighed with a real calibrated scale!) The lift off hood without the airbox, would probably be around 24 pounds. I will be building one of those shortly for a racecar, so I'll be curious to actually get a real weight on that. My original purpose in designing & building my hood was for carb clearance, the weight savings was a side benefit. There's probably a few things I could do to make the hoods a little lighter, but I'd be afraid to build one and sell it to someone only to have it be too flimsy or worse fall apart :Dou: I guess I could always make another another one for my car for testing, but that would take time out of making ones for other guys, so it can wait until I get a lull.
  16. Marks455

    Marks455 Active Member

    I'd really like to get one of these if they are still being made, or if someone maybe bought one and didn't end up using it?

    Thanks, Mark
  17. Da Torquester.

    Da Torquester. Platinum Level Contributor

    Hi Craig, not sure where I'm at in the line of customers, but I'm still interested in a hood for my 71 GS. Thx, John Biggs.
  18. tt455

    tt455 T Bone

    There is a list, just click on the link.

    John, I just got my hood so I'm sure Craig will chime in soon. I was #2 on the list.
  19. Da Torquester.

    Da Torquester. Platinum Level Contributor

    Thx Tom. :TU:
  20. Da Torquester.

    Da Torquester. Platinum Level Contributor

    Anyone know if Craig (mltdwn12) is still making GS cal induction hoods ? He contacted me months ago about making me a hood.. Tried to email him a few times with a question or two, and have never got a response. John.

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