New '72 GS 455 4 speed Conv, 1st time working on a car

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    I very recently have purchased a 1972 Buick GS 455 Convertible 4 speed Hurst (originally a 350 auto). There have been changes made to the car obviously but I am unaware as to the extent of what has been done. I know there is a new Holley Carb which I believe is an 830 CFM HP Series, new exhaust pipes sans headers, TA Stage 1 intake manifold, and that's all i can tell from just looking at it. Says to run 91 octane but I have been having some misfires under heavier acceleration, spark plugs are the AC Delso R45TS most of which have around a .044 gap so I may be looking to replace those along with the wires soon. I know this is a big and powerful engine but I do not feel like I am getting all of the power to the wheels which is what makes me think there is some tuning/replacing that should be done. I am also having a problem with it running too hot and overheating (the Texas weather being 100 degrees probably does not help but I am worried that the radiator was not replaced to deal with the new engine, also looking to replace the current fan with an electric). So I guess my question would be, should I start by having someone look over the entire engine aka a tune up or should I focus more on the timing/ignition problems first to see if that helps?

    Again I have never had a car that I have been able to work on being that I do not have any friends/parents who are car people so I have a good overall understanding of the different parts and components and their functions but have just never had the hands on experience. Also if anyone could give me the name of a good mechanic that knows Buicks in the Fort Worth/Dallas area I would appreciate it.

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