Need 1969 skylark/gs Front bumper and driver side fender.

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by BuickLove, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. BuickLove

    BuickLove Well-Known Member

    Hello V8 , I need a nice front bumper and a complete front driver side fender for a 69 gs/skylark.. looking to purchase ASAP . We live in Long Island NY
  2. nickbuickgs

    nickbuickgs nickbuickgs

    I Have both will need small rust repair . Good useable fender . Straight bumper core will need rechrome .
  3. BuickLove

    BuickLove Well-Known Member

    @nickbuickgs where are you located ? Can I see pics of the rust on the 69 feneder? Also does the fender have the gs shark teeth on it (3 metal stripes)
  4. gs400

    gs400 Well-Known Member

    I have a left side Fender if Nick can't help you out also have a right side 69 NOS fender if needed
  5. gscalifornia

    gscalifornia Small blocks rule!!

  6. BuickLove

    BuickLove Well-Known Member

  7. BuickLove

    BuickLove Well-Known Member

    Where are you located? Can I see pictures of both sides ? Do they have the shark teeth on them also?
  8. CARHEX1


    I have a rust free 69 fender off a 69 gs for 150 if it gets to me shipping will be 120 i can text pictures 626 488 5472
  9. BuickLove

    BuickLove Well-Known Member

    I am actually needing a skylark fender so it has the holes for the louvers
  10. BuickLove

    BuickLove Well-Known Member

  11. stevpiz

    stevpiz Member

    I have a drivers side 68 skylark fender with some rust, dark blue will try to post a picture, also have a dark blue 68 GS cowl scoop hood, a black 69 GS 400 hood and both doors
  12. CARHEX1


    checked it is a skylark fender thought it was a gs fender
  13. BuickLove

    BuickLove Well-Known Member

    ok will text your number later today for pictures! thanks!
  14. babyblue 69

    babyblue 69 Well-Known Member

    I know this is an old thread but thought I would see if you still have the driver fender for the GS?
  15. CARHEX1


    nope sorry sold it

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