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    Currently running stock factory wheels on my 71 Riviera. 15x7 wheel 225/70/15 tire on the front. I'm going with same size tire and wheel in a Cragar SS wheel for the front.
    My question is I want a deep dish 15" Cragar SS wheel for the rear. What width and offset will fit? Also what size tire will match the height and sidewall of the front tire size? Thanks.
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    P225/70R-15 is 27.40" tall. If you have the 15 X 7" Buick big car wheels, they have 4 1/4" back spacing and positive 1/4" offset. If you go wider on the rear tire, it will need to be a lower aspect ratio to keep the same height. Not sure what wider wheels fit on the rear of the 71 Riviera. If you go wider on the wheel, I would keep that positive 1/4" offset. So an 8" wide wheel would need 4 3/4" back spacing. A 9" wide wheel, 5 1/4" back spacing.

    Deep dish wheels typically have negative offset, not sure that will work.
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