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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by tommieboy, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. tommieboy

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  2. Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting that Nailhead site. Really cool pictures. Man would I love to find a set of finned valve covers for my 65 GS 401.
    Bill Bailey
  3. Pinhead64US

    Pinhead64US Well-Known Member

    Nail head valave covers


    Get in touch with Ray Elkins (Murray, KY) at He has a large inventory of Nailhead stuff from complete cars to nuts n' bolts. I just did a deal with Ray for an intake manifold that I had been chasin' for about a year. Nice guy too.

    Mark Williams
  4. Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mark,
    I just discovered your post 4-3-02, and will contact him.
    Thanks a lot.
    Bill Bailey
  5. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    I lucked out getting those finned valve covers and the large chrome air cleaner housing for my '66 Riv. I was at a show back in '82, when a guy walks up to me and said he had them in the trunk of his car. I looked at them, asked "how much you want?"
    $25.00 for everything.:eek2:
    Wish I had taken them off the car before I sold it after seeing what they go for these days!:Dou:
    Anyone want a pair of stock valve covers and air cleaner off that car?
    Didn't think so....
  6. Adam Whitman

    Adam Whitman Guest

    That nailhead site is a great site, the YAHOO BB has most everything up-to-date regarding the nailhead. Sure wish some of those guys would come by here more....

    The guy that started the group is real nice and does drop by occasionally. He even welcomed me to post an invite on his BB.
  7. BuickStreet

    BuickStreet Guest

    I post on both sites all the time. You are right, they do know what they are talking about. I have the mail delivered to me every time someone replies or posts and I learn a lot just by listening in on the various nailhead conversations. There is no where else that you can get 24 hours of pure nailhead conversation that I can think of (present company excluded). I'm actually off to the Dyno this morning armed with info and advice gained from that site. I really recommend that you pop over and invite them all to . Might be a good place to promote BPG as well.

    Check it out at


    (Buick_st is my Yahoo handle)

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