nailhead speed parts let's see them

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by donut364, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. donut364

    donut364 donut364

    post pix here lets see what you got
  2. RobbMc

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  3. gsgtx

    gsgtx Silver Level contributor

  4. RobbMc

    RobbMc Well-Known Member

    Thanks and you are welcome.

    Yes, in addition to our mini starter, we can also make high volume fuel pumps but they are special order so they take a couple weeks to make and cost about $25 extra.
  5. hjsonnie

    hjsonnie '51 Henry J '72 Skylark

    Sorry I cannot offer up any parts info that has not been discussed a hundred times here.:Do No: But how is the blown nailhead dragster coming along? If you ever happen along another blower manifold, please keep us other power mongers in mind.:pray:
  6. donut364

    donut364 donut364

    work been slow for me so the blower motor is on hold I need work to pick up soon I need cash
  7. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Does this count? Buick Factory X perimental :Brow:


  8. buford27

    buford27 '57 Special

  9. Riviman

    Riviman Well-Known Member

    Not mine, but one I would not mind having.
  10. Riviman

    Riviman Well-Known Member

    Sorry I cannot get it to upload. It's a pic of a dual Quadrajet manifold for a 401-425 NailHead. Awesome!!!
  11. donut364

    donut364 donut364

    here's my parts let's see yours

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  12. donut364

    donut364 donut364

    so NO one has any old speed parts that they want to post pix of
  13. 63riv

    63riv Active Member

    Impressive collection!! Don't see those parts everyday! :TU:
  14. holy moly:kodak:

    very nice parts!
  15. Nick32vic

    Nick32vic Well-Known Member

    Damn Donut! What are you hoarding all that stuff for? I think you seen this at autorama. All my other nailhead stuff is in boxes.





  16. yacster

    yacster Lv the gun tk the Canolis

    They are on the Riv' and the pics have been posted all over this site- unfortunately you can only post pics 1 time.:Do No:
  17. Mr62Buick

    Mr62Buick Guest

    I only have a few pics, but I also have 3 OEM 401/425 Dual quad manifolds, One with original carbs and linkage. Also, 2 dual quad air cleaners both are at the chrome shop. Plus, I have one more posi from a 63 riv. the one shown in the pic was a 1963 riv 3:42 set that went into my 1962 Wildcat 2 weeks ago. I also have 4 T-400 SP trannies and one that is not a SP. I also have 3 64-66 flexplates. the headers shown are the prototype headers made for the 61/62 Buicks. I wound up making a set of tri-y's instead because of room, plus they flowed better.
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    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Here are a few shots of the Hilborn before we put it on the 425.
    I will hopefully have more time to post more info and pictures soon.

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  19. dualqwad

    dualqwad ...just another lost soul

    Some of us don't like to show off.

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  20. FatsoFuzz

    FatsoFuzz Well-Known Member

    Dirty but all mine....

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