N00b to driveline stuff Needing help with Yoke Identification

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by guyver002, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Hi all in the hopes of getting the car slowly ready for a future mild tomahawk build with OD I have gotten a new rear under the car built by Monzaz after the old one crapped out. I have found I don't know things about a drive line I prob should for this and want to reach out for advice and experience before going forward.

    First three pics is the old rear, its one of those 10 bolt OO code rears with 3.08s and pictured is the yoke style on it. (Thank you years of v8buick thread searching and reading lol)

    The next three pics are the new rear under the car currently and you can see the yoke style is different. It looks over all a little beefier but definitely longer or more forward than the old.

    I didn't know about different yoke styles and strengths before and now the old driveshaft wont go back cause the new yoke is 1/2 inch longer. I know Monzaz gave me a yoke with the strength I needed for my future plans of power and OD so I intend to go forward with this yoke. How do I identify the different ones so I can get the correct Universal joints for this yoke and new aluminum drive shaft made to support my future plans?

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    The 8.5 has a longer pinion shaft than your old 8.2 rear. It is not the yoke.
    Same u-joint
    You need to shorten the drive shaft ... Ask the drive shaft shop to get the measurements correct. Some shops measure different than others... Becareful and ask them all the questions needed to get the length correct the first time.
    The u-joint is the same you already have BOP Mechanic3R

    Just order your stock buick u-joint or you can order a 71 or 72 u-joint buick - they are all the same.

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