my "getting out of Buicks" sale- 69 GS and 455 parts

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by jadebird, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. gs400

    gs400 Well-Known Member

    would u have a two groove pulley for the water pump 1969 gs 400
  2. thebuick

    thebuick Well-Known Member

    hi how about core support condition doesnot matter? and front bumper in great condition? pm me thanks chris
  3. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Sent you a pm
  4. gggvan

    gggvan Well-Known Member

    can you sell me the connector plug to the A/C relay (on the firewall), the connector plug to the resistor (on the A/C block), and the resistor.
  5. ExplorGM

    ExplorGM Well-Known Member

    Interested in the 73 800cfm carb. Sending PM
  6. Maintool-GS

    Maintool-GS Well-Known Member

    Hello ! I am looking for, the following : Fresh air vents / rectangler interior sail panel lights / horn contact & cup, that holds the horn button / all glass, F/R & sides & if in very good condition / GS trunk lock cover & all GS emblems / Pillar posts / Auto floor shifter / R & L rearveiw mirrors / 455 emblems / rear defrost unit & BB fan shroud ! Thanks, Jeff :TU:
  7. ohioscott

    ohioscott Well-Known Member

    this guy has been awol for some time.I could not get him no matter what method used.....
  8. wazzy3

    wazzy3 Active Member

    I'm looking for the three moldings that go across the rear fenders and trunk lid.
  9. eric6659

    eric6659 Well-Known Member

    Interested in the 69 hood if it is still for sale.
  10. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan Puppet dictator, wife has all power

    Guys, this for sale post is from way back on 2009
  11. skylark1877

    skylark1877 Active Member

    Interested in rally sent
  12. onefastcar

    onefastcar Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in 2 things if you have, i need approx. 5 of the stud clips that hold rear tailight housings in place and a side mirror gasket or a whole assembly but really need just the gasket let me know.

  13. K0K0

    K0K0 Jamie

    X2 jadebrid was last logged in on July 2nd 2009
  14. onefastcar

    onefastcar Well-Known Member

    Kill this thread!
  15. wazzy3

    wazzy3 Active Member

    I have a 69 GS400 Vert. Last Wednesday I was rear-ended by a young gal while she was texting. Damage not too severe but I will need to find the small short trim piece that is on the left fender just to the left of the trunk trim piece. Got one for sale??
  16. wazzy3

    wazzy3 Active Member

    Last week my 69 GS400 ragtop got rear-ended by a young girl texting. I need the set of 3 trim pieces that go across the rear part of the rear part of the fenders and the trunk lid. Do you have any of them??
  17. ohioscott

    ohioscott Well-Known Member

    see post 53 then see post 54
  18. painekiller

    painekiller Well-Known Member

    y'all are beating a dead horse:laugh:
  19. mkeeler

    mkeeler Old car guy

    Found your past ad through the site search engine. I am looking for at least 3 standard bore 400 pistons with a casting number of # 1383445 on the inside of the piston. They are out of a a 1969 GS 400.
    Thanx in advance for a yes or a no Mike K 772-834-6999 EST

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