My 65 Sports Wagon whats it worth?

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by RogerZ, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Looks like my 65 wagon has to go, been sitting most of the time, start it every month and drive it around the block, and the landlady wants me to do something with it, Hate to let it go but I just don't have the time, the money, the location or the health, to work on it, its been in the family since my father bought it new, its been in an enclosed garage from 1965 to 2008 and in a carport 2008 until now, it runs, it moves, doesn't smoke or use oil, has over 310K miles and 50K miles on a rebuilt 310 engine (could use a tune up) and Super Turbine 350 trans, here is what its issues are, right rear axle bearing bad, trans leak I think around the speedo cable, brakes need work (original drums), 4 core radiator is 25 years old (needs re-placing, 40% blocked) , timing chain cover has a pin hole (needs welding), Original Frigidaire Compressor needs front bearing (lasted almost 280K miles), all windows work but some are slow (needing cleaning and lubrication) Front power seat works, front seat ok but the foam is turning to powder, back seat has a split in it and loose on the bottom side , carpet fair but dirty, dash good shape no cracks, tilt steering wheel cracked on back side, headliner starting to fall, front bumper has a crack, back bumper has dents, windshield cracked, all the glass is intact with trim, paint is fair, checks and cracks with rust spots, right rear corner had a dent somewhat fixed, tail lens cracked, have all the parts except original AM radio and front speaker cover now where gauges are, , I believe the reverb unit is still in the back, electrical good, and the back air deflectors are missing, would like to sell it to someone who knows it value and will spend the time to refurbish it, I have the factory manuals to a 67 Buick and 65, also have an extra front grill and headlight frames, and boxes of brake and electrical parts, I'm thinking of $8,000.00 for everything, with the bad wheel bearing and brakes suggest it be trailered, or towed from the rear MVC-661L.JPG

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  2. RogerZ

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    I tried to get set up with paypal to do a donation here so I could sell it here but for some reason it didnt work, posted on Old Car On Line for $7000 if anyone is interested
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    And your location is??? I'm guessing on the left coast judging by your IP address.
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    Sorry I thought it was listed, I'm in Northwestern Orange County California (definitely Left Coast)

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