My 1972 GS Stage 1

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    Here's how my GS came to be and the history I know about it. I haven't had time to post it as I went along, so while I have a bit of time I'll share it here...... My car was built in Flint in Feb of '72. Sold at Lindsey-Hopkins Buick in Marietta GA. This was in the Sloan report. (I'm working on obtaining more from the GA DMV now). The story I have been told is that a cop owned it along with a white 71 GSX. When he died, his widow sold both cars to George Gilbert of Harvey IL. Mr. Gilbert and his son bought both cars and took them to the Chicago area in the mid 80's. The stories of Mr. Gilbert that I have heard is that he loved both, but was partial to the 72 GS. Street racing was common, and he did partake in his share. It was a known car in the day, and Mr. Gilbert would "get the car sideways" while pointing at you. He parked both cars on the street, one behind the other, until one of his other cars and the 72 were hit. He had it fixed and put both the 72 and the X in the backyard.
    Gilbert passed away in the mid 2000's. Torraine Walker, who had ridden his bike as a kid past Mr. Gilbert's house many a day, kept in touch with the family throughout the years and was given the choice of either car to buy from the widow. He originally wanted the GSX, but not being able to confirm it as being real, decided on the 72. It also was a loaded car with PW, PDL, and a power bucket seat. It was an emotional day when he picked up the car because George's wife knew how much he loved that car.
    Torraine took the car back to Georgia. He hired a bodyman to do a restoration but after the car was taken apart, to his dismay, the bodyman committed suicide. Torraine had to retrieve the car and parts, some of the parts came up missing, and at that point he lost interest. Time passed, and he put the car up for sale on Craigslist in July 2015. I called him that morning, and he told me he had one person who was interested and was going to give him the shot. I waited until that afternoon and was reaching for the phone to call him, and my phone rang. Torraine told me the guy was missing his chance and if I wanted it, it was my turn.
    I met Torraine, and he showed me the parts, fenders, hood, trunk lid, engine and trans, but the car itself was at another house. I told him I wanted it, and we made the deal. I picked up the car and parts the next day. During the next 4 years, I found evidence of the car being wrecked ( but not bad ) and had to replace a lot of sheetmetal due to it's sitting outside in pieces for a long time. Many, many people on both this forum and elsewhere have helped me in the resurrection of my "rescue puppy" and I love how the car turned out.
    Visually, it is the way that it was new in 1972. It did originally come with AC, but facing the fact I had to replace so much of the cowls and floor, I sourced original sheetmetal from Arizona and new AMD parts and made the car as a factory non-AC car. The Benisek and Jones Stage 1 car was optioned the same way, with no AC but with power windows, locks and seat so it wasn't a weird layout. I even found the tissue holder that I saw in the car when Jim Haas had it at the nats one year.
    I scored Silver at the 2019 GS nats, Gold at the MCACN show and will continue to improve it. I'm glad to be a part of the Buick circle and have met so many good people. MANY MANY thanks to all who helped- enjoy the pics!! blst.JPG blst2.JPG frame.jpg frame3.jpg frameno.jpg gsxgs.jpg

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    More pics..... IMG_1270.JPG IMG_1307.JPG IMG_1756.JPG IMG_1858.JPG IMG_2189.JPG IMG_2193.JPG IMG_2622.jpg IMG_2623.jpg IMG_3175.jpg

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    Flame Orange is such a killer color. Beautiful job on the car Jerry.
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    A few more...... aaa.jpg bbs.jpg dgg.jpg dsdsd.jpg dssdsd.jpg IMG_1781.JPG sss.jpg whitex.jpg whitex2.jpg
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    You had your work cut out for you! I see a set of aftermarket quarters were grafted onto it...did you end up keeping those on or replace the entire pair?
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    Thanks Adam! Yes it was a rescue puppy! I replaced that one with AMD full 1/4, the drivers side is still the original.
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    Beautiful work. Great story, too.
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