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    I was having issues with fuel starvation and I thought it was a tuning issue. Well the fuel pump is so loud, i could hear it bogging down through the floor.

    Holley came up with a sweet direct fit fuel pump that goes where your existing fuel sender goes. I bit the bullet ($330.00) and ordered one.

    First off, kudos to Holley for making a very nice setup. No more piecing pumps and regulators together. The fuel filter, pump and regulator are all one unit. The filter is a hydromat, so you don't have to worry about fuel starvation under acceleration or hard cornering with 1/4 tank of fuel.

    Secondly, it's quiet. The pump in the tank versus under the floor in front of the fuel tank is night and day. I can hear the electric radiator fan and the exhaust, but no more fuel pump whine.

    Third, the instructions are great. Wiring diagram is easy to understand. They set the resistance for the fuel level sender to work with the factory gauge. Step by step pictures show how to properly install the pump assembly into the factory tank.

    The only issue i had was not related to the fuel pump. I accidentally cut my fuel return line. My 68 C10 doesn't have a fuel return line, but the Buick does. I cut the return line, thinking it was from the corvette fuel filter with a built in pressure regulator. Fortunately, I cut it close enough that i could pull slack and reconnect without much fuss.

    I'd say the Holley pump was well worth the money and I'd recommend it to anyone doing an ls swap with fuel injection.

    I included a picture of both setups to show what i had pieced together and the all inclusive Holley setup.


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