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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Ty Jeff, I am new at this but heart tests came back as "abnormal defects" and they scrambled all day to get me in somewhere for tomorrow with cardiologist and if anything gets worse go to ER.

    Thanks for prayers in advance : )

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Appreciate the prayers guys and a MAJOR praise on my heart cath. VERY minimal build up of plaque (few chugs of carb cleaner might fix that) no blockage,excellent EKG,excellent pumping (the heart, not the coming bill!:laugh:) there was just one artery that had an abnormal shape to it that red flagged me.

    I will be so happy to be able to workout now without worrying that the chest pains are an approaching heart attack (runs in our family BIG time). They said I am strong as an ox heart wise and go for anything I want on workouts! Blood tests came back with high white blood cell counts and still fatiqued but hopefully can sweat out whatever they are fighting:spank:

    Anyhow thanks again for the support and hope everyone is well : )

    Thank you Lord:pray:
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    Wow, great to hear about your victory! God is good, all the time!
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    Great news! I know exactly what you are talking about. I have some of the same heart issues and I love it when the cardiologist says that "things are either not getting worse or, better yet, there is improvement". Just keep taking care of yourself and don't overdo things.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Glad you got a good report too Jerry:TU:

    That said my permanent injuries and whatever else is working on me are keeping me from getting hardly anything done on my car but like my wife reminded me I don't HAVE to have it done by any special time. Makes total sense but I really can get depressed seeing the mountain of piled up parts that need to go on and the car scattered all over the driveway. That said though I am BLESSED to have the parts and REALLY BLESSED to have the car I thought I would NEVER see the likes of again with my lowest income of my life.
    Another good example of how despite our best thinking that God can make anything happen (thank you Lord even though my recurring weak faith despite all of your faithfulness must be disappointing).
    Many non believers would scoff at "God gave him a car? Right!" but they won't ever convince me it was anything else. I only had a few thousand of my back pay left and out of the blue a guy i met FIFTEEN years ago finds my number and calls me asking me if I was interested in a 455 4 speed car that needs restoration,so I asked him to send some pictures of the "yellow car" (Canary yellow obviously I thought). When I opened the picture and saw an older GSX tribute restoration,ram air hood,tach,rear spoiler,Muncie transmission & BBB I literally had to shake my head and look again! Price was 3k and some of that amount was stuff he let me trade him! The guy is a Christian also and even said he just had total piece about letting me have it for what he did when he knew just the body was almost worth that.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling, when I type this out where I can see it too it helps me pull back and see the bigger picture of how fortunate I am instead of "feelings" that "you will never finish this car" etc etc.

    Like a friend always said though "God is never late,he is always right on time" now I just need to accept where I am at this point in my life, count my blessings and move forward in his time frame instead of mine : )
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    I like what you said there. There is way more to that statement than meets the "physical" eye.

    God is intimately interested in all aspects of our lives. The fact that in all things you acknowledge him first I truly believe he can and will give you these blessings in material form at times, to give Him the glory in return.

    Example - My friend Tony was hiking up the mountain here locally, it was getting late and it was a bit cool and it was a long hike. He had his young son Daniel with him. Daniel wasn't feeling all that great. The rain was moving in and it was just beginning to downpour and unfortunately Daniel who was already fighting a cold was gonna get soaked with a cold rain. Just then, in the crook of a rock, sat an umbrella, in the middle of the mountain. Some would just say coincidence. I generally don't believe in coincidence. Unless it happens to be me and my wife reaching for the pepper grinder at exactly the same time.
  7. CARHEX1


    Praying for you brother. I wish I lived closer.I would come help you.


    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Thank you Lord! After all this time of dealing with my long term injuries that I was learning to improvise and overcome to some extent, the recent(couple months) horrific fatigue, inability to get enough oxygen in (basically felt like I was smothered under a pillow even doing the mildest tasks despite my bullheadedness!) was very demoralizing.

    So I researched it for several days, realized depending on which of the three I suspected that treatment was different and no amount of my will power would resolve it so went to the Doctor today. I told them the chain of events,duration,symptoms and what I thought it might be and an X-ray a few minutes later revealed I have pneumonia!

    How in the world I didn't fall out doing all I was FORCING myself to do hours on end along with my permanent physical injuries Only God knows but at least I feel I can reclaim my Man Card and now just get better! I use to work straight ahead like a plow horse so that working for 10 minutes and resting 15 was NOT getting it with me! No wonder I was so depressed!

    Thank you for the prayers! So glad to just know what it is!

    Hope everyone is doing well and God bless you and yours.

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