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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Bib Overhalls, Jan 23, 2018.

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    I have an opportunity to purchase a polished Max Balchowsky three pot intake with 2GC carbs for a reasonable price. Max is legendary and one of the first or the first to offer aftermarket intakes for Nailheads. We hear a lot about "Old Yeller" but I can not recall reading anything about how his intakes performed. Does anybody here have any experience with Max intakes? Good or bad experience? Don't want to get that high off my billfold to buy something that will not work.

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    Try contacting Russ Martin, think his company is Centerline something or another, just google him and nailheads, he has a few of Max's intakes on his website so he may have more knowledge on how they perform and what cam might maximize their performance

    Also note 264/322 manifolds won't fit later ones, 364 is unique, 401/425 interchangeable

    Maybe one of the other members know more and can better answer your questions

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    My newbie 2cents, I wouldn't hesitate to call him.
    A few years back when my Buick itch came back, I saw him listed in the How to build Max Perf Buick Engine and his street rod. I just called him with no intention of buying anything "yet" to ask a few questions and it turned into chat session. Easily a half hour on his business time and was a bundle of info and as friendly as they come.
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    I deal with Russ all the time. He tells me that, based on his experience, I should pass. He ran one once and it was impossible to tune.
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    I know nothing about nailhead in the performance aspects, but looking at the pic, I would think you would be getting the center 4 cyl to pull hard off just 1 carb.......the only the outer most 2 pulling from just 1 carb each. I would think to keep a balance this way would be hard. There is not a lot of room in that intake for the fuel to spread out evenly.

    Now it looks cool for sure.......but for 1600ish I don't see that running all that great

    Depending on what motor your running



    All look to have a better distribution between all the cylinders.
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