Major thumbs up for Wheelz!

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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Hi ya folks!

    I wanted to put in a good word for my most favorotist seller Dennis (alias Wheelz).

    I have bought many a parts from Dennis over the years and as it is best to start the day off on a positive note, soooooo today I am starting with Wheelz.

    I have not one time been disappointed by his descriptions of parts I have purchased & he has never let me down locating odds & ends that in some cases were little money for the effort required to locate in his healthy collection.

    He has always been very fair in his pricing and has even gone above & beyond to describe what I can only call a gift and that is a rare thing in these day$.

    He has helped me on package deals too when I already knew the part was rare,I was a little low on funds but I had a trusted seller who would deliver the parts as described and they would arrive safely packed and ready to drool over.

    So Dennis thank you again for keeping me laughing (refers to me always as “21st Century Fritznoid maaaaan” including on shipping label ha ha) & being an honest,class act that is a benefit of the V8 members here.

    Most Sincerely,

    siiiiiiiiigh.......okay..... 21st Century Fritznoid maaaaaaan ; )

    P.S. Appreciate ya my Buick brother & keep your headbone down for that hurricane threat.
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  2. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Oooh garshk...shyucks. I b in bear essed... :rolleyes:

    THANKS FOR THE KUDOS 21stCenturyFritzniodMaaaan!
    (stolen from King Crimson album 1970-71?)
  3. 71GS455N25

    71GS455N25 Silver Level contributor

    Wheelz is top shelf! I have known him for over 30 years and have always known him to be a fair and honest guy!
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